Andromeda 1989 4th Place Melbourne Regionals

Smattc 455

Played this deck with some success at Melbourne Regionals in Australia. Lost 1 game in Swiss against NEH Fastrobiotics and then in the cut against Palana. Other wins were against various HB builds including CI, Next & Etf.

I wont explain the deck to much as i am not reinventing the wheel or anything. I got the idea for rolerdex from the never goes out of style deck and made changed from there. Rolerdex was outstanding and used in every game. Was able to get certain cards that i needed at crucial times.

When turning wheel comes out it will make this deck even better!

Only one inside job because in testing i found i never needed it. and tbh i didn't use it during the day much either. You can generally get set up pretty quickly.

21 May 2016 kollapse

Been playing something similar for a while, but have been seeing alot of both The All-Seeing I and Marcus Batty, which can make things difficult (stacking Sentrys and trashing the Ghost Runners, and trashing the lone Corroder respectively). Any suggestions?

21 May 2016 Smattc

@kollapse All seeing eye can be problematic but it doesnt really end the game, if you fear it play a bit more conservative and keep some resources in hand , dont go all on ghost runners etc. I know thats a bit simplistic but its was i try and do, get set up quickly try not to get tagged (i know that is sometimes unavoidable).
In regards to batty palana decks. i get set up as fast as i can and hit the central servers. if i find a server that i think has had a batty installed in it i just dont run that one until i have councilman in hand and then run it. It only works once because then they get wise and pre rez. If that pre rez is not on HQ then use a pol op next time. My strategy is just to attack the servers that are open for m to attack at the time.

24 May 2016 TonyStellato

(Probably) Like you, I'm another one of those players that just can't let go of Andy. One thing that I love about the Style list is that it added the singleton sucker to help with Archangel. Since you don't run Faerie, have you considered Q-Coherence chip? It allows for a full rig and it's free. I've been running that in my current Stealth Andy and I think it serves well as a 1x.

Anyway, I'm posting here because I am always so divided on the draw engine. I currently run 2x Mr. Li with Sports Hoppers for protection/draw. Do you swear by the triple Earthrise? Clearly you dig the singleton Rolodex.

24 May 2016 Smattc

I have started playing other runners now. I am a bit of a floater in that regard. Yeah i have tried Coherence in other stealth builds and with this one i just never needed the extra memory. 3 breakers 1 cloak and 1 Datasucker is the best setup. I have never liked Mr Li because every time i draw i want both cards. and this deck is very much like that. You want nearly every card when you draw it. Earth rise gives u that boost. Sometimes it can be hard to play because of the cost though. After playing it a fair bit its clear Fastro is problematic so very much open to idea to make it faster.