Jaro Spark (Regional Winner RPC Cologne)

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This is not my Deck. It's by Jaro aka MonkeyML. I'm posting it with Jaro's permission. Jaro piloted this deck winning a small Regional (17 Players) at the RPC Convention in Cologne. It went undefeated in 6 games. Jaro previously also won a Store Championship piloting this deck

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All I wanna do is tag, tag, tag, tag and trash and take your money

It seems like NBN decks in general are shifting towards tagstorm with a focus on in-faction tag punishment. The core idea if the deck is quite similar to Timmy Wongs Info Refinery. However, the execution and focus are completely different. It leverages the Spark ability to slow down the runner and move ahead in economy. It then proceeds to Fast Advance. If the runner tries to interfere it punishes with Mideasons.

After Midseasons lands the game usually shifts dramatically in favor of the Corp. Especially Anarchs are basically shut down without their key resources. Closed Accounts take away all of the runner's tempo. Resistors become near unbreakable. The game can be usually easily closed off with a Psychographics on a Beale or Global Food Initiative.

Staying tag-free is difficult however. All of the advertisements create huge credit swings - no matter if runners will trash them or not. Ice like Turnpike, Special Offer or Pop-up Window just seal the deal.

This deck works really well in the current meta. After PPVP Kate is gone Shapers moved to rely on Professional Contracts and Aesop's Pawnshop as their economy engine. Pretty much all Anarch builds live on Wyldside, Adjusted Chronotype and Aesop's Pawnshop. Criminals depend on their Security Testing too. So tagging runners and trashing their resources is super-effective.

29 May 2016 crack


30 May 2016 JackMade


31 May 2016 yeoda

love this. Can you say how this does against the sea of whizzards? I use to play spark a ton and had trouble with the bro. Congrats on your win!

4 Jun 2016 monky

@yeoda- actually, against whizzard does this deck great. never loose a geme against him so far. the win rate with this deck is also very good. About 90%. The worst case ID is the Noise by far. I never won against him with this deck. And I played once against Apocalypse Kate and I loose too. So, thats 3 games in 2 months, which is great. The most important against Whizzard is to make your R&D closed. 5-6 Ice is needed. Code-Gates. And you just don´t care about Whizzard ability. Just install all your assets and Upgrades and use Spark ID fully. It´s alwaya win-win Situation. The runner spend click for runns on essets and have not enough time for another things. If he dont trash your assets, you gain your Money and time for scoring or stabilizing.

9 Aug 2016 Odiie

Love the list. How would you adjust it for the current MWL? I'm thinking -2 Astro, +2 Explode-a-Palooza, but that leaves 3 extra influence. Not sure if those would be better as a third NAPD with another Beale. I don't know what to do with that extra influence.