Sol of a Clone (5-0 Philadelphia Regionals)

lodger 106

1 Jun 2016 moistloaf

wow this looks mean

1 Jun 2016 locusshifter

I played against some version of Sol at Philly. I'm not sure if this is it.

I think it's a bit of a meta call. I was playing Leela, and this Sol hates bypass.

2 Jun 2016 mrgoldendeal

What's the rationale behind Troll?

2 Jun 2016 Dothanite

This is brilliant. Well done!

2 Jun 2016 lodger

@locusshifter: I played a couple of Leelas at Philly, a running version and a Gang Sign version. The running one took me to time. Were you one of those?

@mrgoldendeal: Troll is cheap early game tax, slows down Medium/Nerve Agent buildup, and forces Faust decks to pay some attention to creds.

25 Jun 2016 KryptikRVR

What are your thoughts on NAPD vs Beale? Is having the extra 3/2s just straight better than having a harder to steal agenda?

27 Jun 2016 BayushiOliveira

Tried this deck and found the GFI impossible to score, while a 4/2 would have closed the game sooner? Do you think trading the 2 GFI for 3 NAPD would bee too stupid?