dawspawn 12

This deck came out of my attempt to include my favorite Killer (Switchblade) in a viable Stealth Shaper build. I had been playing Stealth Kit for the last couple months, and was losing pretty consistently on Jinteki. I just couldn't get it to set up fast enough.

With Hayley, set-up is a little easier, and you don't have to rely on running or events for any of your economy. It's been quite fun and I've started winning a bit more on Jinteki.

I'd probably recommend another Aesop's. I typically don't build decks I don't also have the physical cards for, and I only have one core set, so just the one of is in there. I'm also trying a version with Dagger that has a lot more influence, and am slotting in some Street Peddler's to make setup even faster.

3 Jun 2016 sruman

With only 1 aesop's I don't think Cache is a good fit here. You could substitute another good money card (personal workshop, sure gamble, modded, a kati-jones and something, etc.) and use the influence for another silencer I think. I'd even think about 1 FC and another money card.

3 Jun 2016 dawspawn

That's certainly worth testing, thanks for the tip. Another Silencer wouldn't hurt, although it hasn't felt necessary in most of my games. And yeah this deck would definitely run better with -1 Film Critic and +1 Aesop's, keeping the Caches to feed Technical Writer. I like the idea of Personal Workshop or Modded, will have to try that out.

3 Jun 2016 znsolomon

God damn it. I've been playing stealth haley for a while now, and was trying to think of a good name but just couldn't get one. Thanks for putting me out of my misery :D