gumonshoe 2973

Taking a couple days to explore the new meta, thought I'd bring voicepad back.

Splicing 3 cores together: Prepaid + "oracle" EventKate + Comet

The new cards that lend Shaper just a bit more umph really pull this deck together. There's a lot of "big" ice around now, so TestRun+Scavenge is pretty legit again. I opted for Garrote over Femme because you actually have to break sentries now. Day Job replaces lucky find bringing the extra econ influence back to 6 as it was with lucky find; and comet allows you to get a few extra efficient clicks; while turning wheel+sucker+patron allows you to make early runs that help bank for later pressure.

Yes, Dumbo Kate was used as a model, but the breakers in this build don't suffer from the loss of sucker tokens; the econ in this build can race weyland's econ engine, and the quality times pair well with the voice pads. Modded gives us an alternative way to get things into play, including not paying for comet (it's biggest problem).

I'm sure someone will find something more competitive than this, but having not really played in a few months I found this easy to pick up and play; and even with MWL it's play a pretty solid, well tested core. Your biggest problem is probably lateral decks per usual; but does a good job at what was once called shaper control.

10 Jun 2016 gumonshoe

Swap thoughts

Could play K. Jones over a Daily Casts for more econ bank; you do have extra clicks and it can offset the greediness of comet which likes to eat your money.

Femme is desirable and could get you 2 more inf while freeing a mu, but you won't be playing dino, so that mu is almost definitely going towards more programs which means more card slots, which means I just don't think it's the right choice, but maybe you can get there. If you want legwork, its the first place I'd look.

A 2nd Maker's eye would be pretty nice since it keeps you in the turning wheel tokens; out of the ashes is a reasonable replacement; but that will give you less flexibility on Day Job turns. Ashes->Day Job->Run event means you're taking a 3 click turn when you're only supposed to have played day job.

Lady over corroder is possible, and makes time #2 through the deck better, but lady is scavenge greedy and limited; it's not really something you want right now, I think.

The real thing you probably want to solve is how to give modded, test run & scavenge more value the second time through the deck as they are just dead cards but are entirely important to getting off the ground the 1st time through.

10 Jun 2016 konradh

I think Comet plus Out of the Ashes is a interesting synergy to explore. Since you are playing Test Run and Scavenge combo anyway, maybe those three copies of Modded could be swapped into more OotA? You don't have that much things to install.

10 Jun 2016 gumonshoe

It's true; Modded has a lot of value getting you started, though. Being able to install a piece of hardware on the cheap+some other run event is pretty good. But it was better with the first draft that had multi threaders, which was more mu hungry and made the slots difficult to pair down (50 card deck)

I wouldn't go too heavy on Oota; It's a good extra click here and there, and voicepad making it free is basically just "gain a click" with comet; But here are thoughts:

1-Removing it from the game thins your deck to find more econ when you levy making the levy deck more potent

2-Removing it from the game does not eat comet uses as its not playing an event

3- Oota isn't value if you aren't using it's from heap ability or if you have to pay a credit for its initial use; so comet makes it a lot better. Paying a credit to make a run is a pretty subpar thing to do; but, the flexibility it grants makes day job a lot more playable.

Garrote could be a multithreader & shrike; but shrike is too expensive if sentries get stacked, imo. You'd want to figure out how to get a full suite and you're already increasing your rig slots.