In Russia, Earth Scorches You Adelaide Regionals 1st Place

firesa 664

No gifs. Get over it. 1st place swiss 1st place final at a smallish Adelaide regional (19 players, top 4). Deck did not lose a single game all day.

I played NEH Fastro for the Melbs regional and lost some games due to people running...and finding agendas. Which is to say, once the runner gets to five or six points against Fastro, with Fastro at only a couple, the game gets really hard. This deck gets wins it doesn't deserve sometimes, and makes winning from behind more feasible.

Tag punishment and cards like Data Raven slow the game down, as people are cautious. Two sansans means that you can reliably score out, but also breaking news into closed accounts or kill fairly reliably. I never really like pop ups and other non etr ice in a deck that still wants to try and score and/or try to breaking news kill behind a bit of etr ice and since the decks primary plan is not to get rich to try and midseasons, that's fine. Closed Accounts should be in all NEH decks that play breaking news. Card is awesome.

Killed in about half the games and scored out in the other half. Deck is fun if you feel that siphon spam and crap like that is leading to you losing games because you chose a "fair" version of an NEH deck.