Headlock Reina (2nd at Cologne Regional)

Testrunning 228

My take on Headlock after MWL. It only placed so high because of a really solid HB deck, but I hadn't much chance against all the yellow.

The Deck went only 1-2 and a timed tie in the swiss after a first round bye, win against EOI Sync, tie and losses against NEH FA. 1-2 in the cut as well, win against NEH FA and losses against NEH FA and EOI Sync.

It was a fun deck anyways, it just has an atrocious NEH matchup and isn't great against NBN in general.

13 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

First, congratz on second place. Well played.

It was a fun deck anyways, it just has an atrocious NEH matchup and isn't great against NBN in general.

Yeah that's what I thought. Any thoughts on Diwan? I know the deckspace is rather tight, but that card seems like it fits right into the archetype.

13 Jun 2016 Testrunning

@guy.brush 1. Deckspace 2. Can only choose one server 3. Lamprey and clot already die to purge, I dont want my whole deck to do it

13 Jun 2016 underflow

How do you have the economy to land vamps? I tried two games and felt super poor without siphons (maybe this had to do with losing daily casts to net in one game, and not seeing them the other?). Additionally, I didn't see vamp or scrubber in one game, and couldn't shut down a PADs/mental healths drip economy. Anyways, feels like maybe it needs a liberated / ??? for burst econ?

14 Jun 2016 Testrunning

@underflow yes, asset spam is a huge Problem for this deck, and yes, i would want to play more econ, but i dont have enough deckspace.

On the other hand you only need to be richer as the Corp, so try to force him to rez ice in front of remotes or ice which you can derez/parasite

But dropping medium for more eco should be good

15 Jun 2016 Lancelot1983

Da du aus dem schönen Köln kommst schreibe ich Deutsch. Ich verstehe am dem Deck nicht warum du Vigil Spielst es ist schlecht spiel besser turntable oder wenn du Geldkarte brauchst weil das soll ja Vigil machen dann spiel eine andere money card andsonsten finde ich das Deck ok. Mfg. Lancelot

17 Jun 2016 Axul

Ich fands super, nach extrem viel Andy und Val im Finale gegen eine Headlock Reina zu spielen, habe ich lange nicht auf Turnieren gesehen. War leider ein bescheidenes Matchup für dich, wie schon von dir geschrieben.