Safety in Clicks

rotage 2027

Have you been hit by a midseasons after stealing an agenda? or have you been innocently checking remotes to ensure the corporation have not mislaid anything only to be hit be a sea source and lose everything. If so then this is the deck for you

The problem is multiple, firstly the corporation are being mean to the poor innocent runner, however the runner is partially to blame by using their clicks to make runs, there have been solutions to his problem such as Plascrete or Deus X however neither of these address the root cause of the problem which is that the runner has clicks to use, if the runner has no clicks to use then they can not be tempted to make a run and this is where this deck comes in

The aim is simple to reduce the amount of clicks until the runner has no clicks left and is unable to make dangerous runs but instead gains credits and cards so they can retire early and enjoy life

To achieve this you need to draw cards until you draw your friendly supplier, you then install them and ask them to kindly keep hold of your resources until you are ready to begin retirement

Initially install Wyldside, Adjusted Chrontype, Gene Conditioning Shop and Beach Party, this will gain you cards and allow you to have a larger hand size while you setup. While this happening begin to install cards on the supplier, however do not take them off yet as you need your clicks to carry on building to retirement, DONT BE TEMPTED TO RUN.

Once you have drawn all the cards you need you can then begin to install from hand and install from the supplier, once ready you can sell Adjusted Chronotype and Gene Conditioning Shop to the delightful Aesop who will ensure your goods can help your fellow runners at a later date

You should now have the following luxury items for your retirement:

3 Qianju PT's - So you can get around in style

3 Beach Parties so you can party all day every day

1 Wyldside - So you have somewhere to party at night

3 Hard at Work - When we say hard at work we mean working at home and we all know what that really means...

3 Starlight Crusade Funding - You have spare cash so you can help others in need, plus it looks good on the tax return

1 New Angeles City Hall - Remember the corporation can be mean and not be sporting so you need to ensure they don't tag you

15 Jun 2016 Cliquil

Isn't Making an Entrance better here? You can ditch the muptiples of uniques and get to the boardstate you want quicker?

16 Jun 2016 rotage

@Cliquil Yeah that is a good idea, that will definitely need to be added and if makes sense, you can arrive at wyldside on your bike and make an entrance with your growing wealth