The Essence of Bullshit (1st @ Wrocław Regionals)

Matuszczak 2027

The title says it all. This is a silly Haarp deck that aims to distill all the unfair NBN mechanics to create an abusive killing machine. It's my secret weapon that I only play whenever I feel that the top runners are so strong that I will have a hard time beating them at Netrunner. This is when I refuse to play Netrunner and play this minigame instead. It's a lot of fun for me, usually less so for the runners.

The deck was very strong earlier, but Salem's Hospitality and Consulting Visit are what gave it enough consistency to really shine. Consulting Visit is there to make sure I have access to Midseason Replacements early and enough damage once the runner is tagged. Salem's helps get rid of IHW or other annoying cards like Account Siphon.

Obviously there is a bunch of cards that this deck doesn't like to see. No single card means game over, however. The games against Film Critic or Plascrete are actually usually the most interesting ones and require a lot of skill from both sides.

The deck carried me to victory in an Anarch dominated tournament only dropping one game in Swiss. Out of the 6 wins, one was through 24/7, one through PsychoBeale and the other 4 were just killing off midseasoned runners.

The deck is a lot of fun for the Corp side to play, but please don't play it. Don't let this disease spread and play some Netrunner instead ;)

15 Jun 2016 HolyMackerel

The Midseason game is a perfectly valid way to play Netrunner. And honestly, I quite like this deck. I might take it for a whirl myself.

How often are you richer than the runner? And how do you fare against Account Siphon?

Also, regarding your enemy number 1: A singleton Snatch and Grab can work wonders with your Consulting Visits.

15 Jun 2016 tzeentchling

Any Employee Strikes played against you? That tends to ruin my Haapsichord games.

15 Jun 2016 Trebucco

FFG, we've got a problem. Seriously though the way all this works together is AMAZING. Especially the agendas.

Breaking news (Sneaky tag with 24/7), Explose-a-palooza (or surprise Midseasons), Profiteering (why gain just 12 credits when you can 24/7 for a little more), Project Beale (sometimes violence isn't an option), Quantum predictive (ehh it's good as 24/7 fodder i guess), 15 minutes (i call it the One Ring agenda).

Congrats, dude!

16 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

Grats! Go Haarp!

16 Jun 2016 Oziride

How do you play against keyhole?

16 Jun 2016 HolyMackerel

@Oziride: Very valid point. Keyhole eats this deck for breakfast. Not only does it not steal agendas, but it also allows you to find the Breaking News faster than the corp.

16 Jun 2016 Oziride

or, reading the lacking of ice, mill your deck starting from the Scorch. The idea is nice, but I've still so many keyhole in my meta...

16 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

Not enough agendas for my taste.

16 Jun 2016 Matuszczak

@pang4 I'm richer than the runner at least until 20-30 credits, sometimes longer. I can usually force them to steal an agenda until then by threatening (or bluffing) a Breaking News kill. Generally I just have to eat Siphons, Special Offer over HQ is a nice damage control tool, though, if I get Salem against Criminal early I'll usually ty to snipe them. I generally consider S&G extremely overrated, winning S&G and Midseason trace especially after playing one of them off Consulting Visit is extremely wishful thinking. If there are a lot of Critics in the meta I'd not play this deck/play 1-2 Sea Source (which is essentially a S&G that does something useful in non-dream scenarios).

@tzeentchlingOnce and it was the only game I lost, I got caught with 2 Beale's on the table. ES is not unbeatable, but usually just makes the game a race. You have to find enough damage before they win.

@Oziride Not that it's my favorite card to see, but it's actually alright. The Corp still needs to steal those agendas one by one which gives me enough time to kill. I need to see 3 of 11 cards and I'm likely to draw them in spite of Keyhole. In the game I played against Keyhole Lily helped me find the missing piece. Just install stuff and pretend it's BN even if it isn't to Midseason the Runner, then proceed to kill him.

@guy.brushI'm familiar with the German Haarp school XD

@Trebucco, @alientoyshopThanks!

17 Jun 2016 gozik

This deck misses Museums to justify the title

18 Jun 2016 Your_Engineer

i think that Pop-up Window wouldn't be horrible since it still gives you eco and annoys the runner too what do you think?

27 Jun 2016 Matuszczak

@Your_Engineer Pop-Ups are decent, I experimented with them quite a bit. They are just worse than Sweeps/Hedge/Restructure/Special Offer, because they do not help as much in landing an early Midseason, which is the main win condition in most matchups. A Pop-Up would be my next econ card of choice if I had some more slots.

13 Aug 2016 AberDamo4

Looking at the dependency of Consulting Visit on Traffic and Scorch, I suppose it's a completely futile exercise to try and update this monster for MWL1.1?

17 Aug 2016 Matuszczak

@AberDamo4 On the contrary. -1 Scorched +1 Beanstalk is a simple fix that makes it legal for the new MWL. My current list no longer has Lilys (even though they were quite good) and has +1 24/7, +1 Closed Accounts, +1 Consuling Visit. 24/7 and closed account are there to increase chances in difficult matches (vs Film Critics and ridiculously rich corps mainly) and 3rd Consulting Visit is a change @hsiale made for Brno regionals that I liked a lot.