Swiss Army Fork (4th place at UK North West Regional)

Circadia 2781

Professor went undefeated on the day. Wins vs Prison IG / Hot Tub Gargarin / Spark Tax Advance / Palana / Museum NEH in the Swiss. Won vs Sync EoI and Sol Fast Advance in the cut.

Rebirth targets are Kate, if drawn early enough, or Jesminder if against Argus or Sync. Late game Chaos Theory is a good call for extra MU or Kit if there's favourable ice placement. I only rebirthed three times on the day, once into Exile for on demand card draw against IG and twice into Kate.

Sneakdoor Nerve Agent wins games. Medium helps too. Mongoose could be and probably should be Faerie. Yes MU is tight, don't be precious with your programs. Scavenge Nerve Agent into something useful once it's served it's purpose. There's an alternative economy package instead of Kati involving Aesops and a single Cache, but you need to cut more card slots including Sac Construct which is annoying.

Professor is a good ID. Hope that's settled now :)

26 Jun 2016 Finnbar

Nice job! Always cool to see another Professor player. :)

Quick question from me: how did you deal with the IG matchup? Did it just involve constantly recurring Imp and trashing their key pieces? If so, what do you think the key pieces are? You also seem to have no net damage protection, so that's even more impressive! Either way, I have no idea how to beat it and I don't want to slot Net Shield (I have Deus X already) and can't slot Salsette Slums or whatever. :)

26 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Circadia Always good to see a prof deck do well.

27 Jun 2016 deaglesuk

Well done on your 4th bud. Been running this on Jinteki, like it a lot. Any thoughts on switching Mongoose for Shrike?

Was good to meet you over the weekend, can't remember if you said but are you are Huddersfield in a couple of weeks?

27 Jun 2016 Circadia

@FinnbarI won't pretend it's a favourable matchup. The key, as ever, is Astrolabe. Imp recursion is your major strategy. Early, Imping Hostile Infrastructure to allow you to Parasite down their ice and open up centrals is useful. Once they have a couple Hostiles online, switch focus onto Bio-ethics to allow you to stay in the game. If you're lucky you'll see Film Critic early which will enable you to attack centrals to pick off TFPs. Check unrezzed remotes when your deck begins to thin - IG will often let a Chronos Project sit until Shaper is low on cards.

For me the game was won on archives, my opponent chose not to shuffle in agendas with Jackson relying on his 3 iced server to keep them safe. But his vacillation on whether or not to use Jackson when I ran him tipped me off that there were points to be won so I went to town on archives and found 2 TFPs. One went on Film Critic (with two clicks remaining), the other we psi-gamed for, which I won. So a small misplay from my opponent, which I capitalised on and a bit of luck on the psi game. That's the best you game hope for against IG, I think :)

27 Jun 2016 Circadia

@deaglesukI'm not such a huge fan of Shrike as I find it useful over Mongoose only in the case of stacked sentries which I don't see too often. The install cost is prohibitive - Shrike is at least 7 credits to fetch with SMC and 2 to break, usually 2 more to pump. That's a lot of investment when you've just planted into a 2-cost Cortex Lock or News Hound. I might try Faerie for a bit, though I'm unsure if that will stretch the clone chips a little thin.

27 Jun 2016 Heartthrob

Well done! That list of victims is super surprising, I would've thought the yellow matchup would be tough for you with all the tag storms going after your resources.

28 Jun 2016 deaglesuk

@CircadiaVery true, I didn't think about the cost too much just the problem with stacked Sentries.

15 Jul 2016 licoricemaniac

I have been testing this with a few minor changes, an I love it. Couple questions:

  1. Is Corroder instead of Lady something you've considered? I find that my recursion is heavily used, and having to reset Lady often against barrier stacking taxes the scavenges/CC just a bit too much.

  2. How often did you get to use that Femme?