Kitten Chop Shop (2nd, Poznan RC)

apo 317

A twist on Calimsha's list.

I've found that in most cases SYNC identity and 2x EOI in 44 card deck is enough for tag punishment. Cut psycho, closed accounts and all seeing - used the slots to go -1 food +3 kittens +1 green level. Dropping food has freed one influence pip, so I figured another rush'y card is not a bad idea. Actually now that I think about it, kittens are also a form of tag punishment, so maybe I'm not that much lighter on it then the original.

-1 bernice +1 navi mumbai as tech for NACH/d4v1d/sucker, but probably you're better off just playing 2x bernice.

-2 quandary +2 enigma cause we're in yogless but parasite heavy meta now and enigma is an amazing piece of ice for rushing an early astro.

-1 turnpike +1 gutenberg cause gutenberg is better on R&D (especially with navi mumbai) and I guess it is not worse then pike on other servers in this build. pike effectively gives you trace 6 (five but also lose one $) - gutenberg beats that with trace 7, minor diference but there are some link heavy decks which might care. pike is a little more taxing to break compared to 3 strength gutenberg on the other hand. If you're not playing navi mumbai though, going back to one pike is cool.

Scoring an early astro extremely boosts your winning chances (eureka!). This plays mostly like the original, but if they go tag-me - just grab the homeless cats and turn them into food.

Runner deck:
YAWN - yet another Whizzard nonsense