Always Be Clicking

neoreadinggrid 267

"Utter nonsense" - Dave Saiya, Dyper Innovator

You want clicks? You got clicks! This deck will allow you to be in a position where you have 44 (FORTY-FOUR!) clicks remaining in your turn.

This deck has 37 key cards, and you MUST add at least 15 more cards (up to 27) just to sacrifice to brain damage. I’ve added the highly competitive Caissa as well as Force of Nature as some fodder, and also Scheherezade which actually might help with the deck’s awful econ.

You need to get all your pieces and get your hand size up.
Install the Origamis, the Beach Party and Adjusted Chronotype, and the 3 Public Sympathies.
You’ll also need to install the three Brain Cages, using Titanium Ribs or even better Chrome Parlor to avoid losing pieces.
Before long, you can install and start using Duggar’s to draw.
The three Tropes need to have 6-10 counters on The Turn, so you need to think about installing them ahead of time, allowing them to build up.
Install Ekomind and all three Hyperdrivers, as well as Akshara Sareen and Joshua B and both All-Nighters.
Install the three Same Old Things as well, and if you haven’t already installed the Titanium Ribs, you absolutely have to now, for The Turn itself.
Duggar’s until you have your whole remaining deck in hand, then lastly, install the three Stim Dealers.

The Turn:
You should have the rest of your deck in your hand at this stage, including your most important 6 cards: 3 Amped Up and 3 Deja Vu. Your Tropes should all have 6-10 counters, and your Stim Dealers should be giving you a click. You will also need to have 27* junk cards in hand to sacrifice to brain damage.
Spent: 0, Remaining: 4

Pop all three Hyperdrivers, and get clicks from 3 Stim Dealers, Joshua B and Akshara Sareen.
Spent: 0, Remaining: 4 + 9 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 18

Use both All-Nighters
Spent: 2, Remaining: 18 - 2 + 4 = 20

Play 3 Amped Up, using Titanium Ribs to hit junk cards
Spent: 5, Remaining: 20 - 3 + 9 = 26, Brain Damage: 3

Play 3 Deja Vu, for all 3 Amped Up
Spent: 8, Remaining: 26 - 3 = 23, Brain Damage: 3

Play 3 Amped Up
Spent: 11, Remaining: 23 - 3 + 9 = 29, Brain Damage: 6

Play 3 Same Old Amped Up
Spent: 17, Remaining: 29 - 6 + 9 = 32, Brain Damage: 9

Pop a Trope with 6-10 counters returning 3 Amped Up and 3 Deja Vu, and some junk cards for brain damage if necessary
Spent: 18, Remaining: 31, Brain Damage: 9

Duggar’s to draw all the cards you just returned to your stack
Spent: 22, Remaining: 27, Brain Damage: 9

Play 3 Amped Up
Spent: 25, Remaining: 27 - 3 + 9 = 33, Brain Damage: 12

Play 3 Deja Vu and 3 Amped Up
Spent: 31, Remaining: 33 - 6 + 9 = 36, Brain Damage: 15

Repeat the cycle of Trope, Duggars, 3 Amped Up, 3 Deja Vu, 3 Amped Up
Spent: 45, Remaining: 36 - 1 - 4 - 3 + 9 - 6 + 9 = 40, Brain Damage: 21

And repeat the Trope cycle one more time
Spent: 59, Remaining: 40 + 4 = 44, Brain Damage: 27

*You need to take 27 brain damage, but you don’t necessarily have to have all those cards at this point, since you can draw some back if you have spare Trope counters.

And that’s it. Even though you’ve taken 27 brain damage, thanks to 3 Origami, 3 Public Sympathy, 3 Brain Cage and the Beach Party, you’ll survive the turn. But you shouldn’t need to! You have 44 clicks! Hopefully you can find a way to convert that into a win. I leave the rest up to you...

29 Jun 2016 lunchmoney

You cant install all 3 Brain Cage. They are unique. I'll read the rest now....

29 Jun 2016 lunchmoney

3 Origami (+3 hand), 3 Public Sympathy (+6 hand), 1 Brain Cage (+3 hand), and 1 Beach Party (+5 hand) is hand size 22 (original 5+3+6+3+5=22 ). Minus 27 brain damage means you wont survive the turn as your maximum hand size will be less than zero.

However even with 44 clicks to go you'll have to spend most of those clicking for credits to power your breakers. How many runs do you see actually coming from this?

Kudos for doing the maths and writing it all out, but I think most corps will have won by the time you pull that off :)

29 Jun 2016 neoreadinggrid

Well, this deck was never intended to win, just get as many clicks as possible. More a thought experiment! You make a good point about Brain Cage, thanks for spotting it. And the Origami each get +3, so you should still survive.

29 Jun 2016 imrahil

Yeah I think for with only 1 brain cage that still keeps us at 28 hand size. Perfect!

And yes to reiterate. This can't win a game. Regardless of what to do with 44 clicks the Corp will have won in the 100 turns you spent getting there. This was a challenge to see how many clicks you can get to. As discussed on Dead Channel podcast #3.

29 Jun 2016 lunchmoney

Good point on Origami

30 Jun 2016 maxey

Dies to NBN.