Advanced Jeeves Train (doesn't care about mwl 2.0)

gozik 401

Update for my deck with new restricted list. Deck doesn't care much about losing astro's and influence is almost the same.

Already test it with great success (seems like wyldside/faust restriction hurts runners more). I just didn't notice any significant loss for this deck. License Acquisition occurs to be really great card for it=)

NBN is not dead ;-)

-Jackson Howard
-Lateral Growth
-Fast Track
+Sensie Actors Union
+Subliminal Messaging
+Advanced Assembly Lines

13 Jul 2016 is44ru

I think you forgot about the mumba temple inf

13 Jul 2016 is44ru

I miscounted, forget about my previous comment. Since anarchs are pretty much screwed, I would do -2 Little engine -2 wraparound +1 vanilla +1 quandary +2 archangel

13 Jul 2016 gozik

I think wizzard decks remain top tier. They will probabbly lose some consistency though, but I don't see any other option to beat decks like this one.

13 Jul 2016 CaKnuckleguy

Astro isn't on MWL anymore, so that's an inf that would not need to be accounted for.

13 Jul 2016 CaKnuckleguy

I guess BN is also you did account for it..never mind me!

15 Jul 2016 moistloaf

That's a cheeky Cobra, I love it