Can't Touch This (2nd Place, SSCI 2016)

beyoken 5921

Fine, I'll cave in. Here's your obligatory gif.

Hammer Time

This deck is pretty sick. It went 8-1 on the day, losing only to a Butchershop deck that I misplayed against; later in the cut I had a rematch and won. It is a pity that I discovered this deck a tad too late; with the MWL hammer this deck will be all kinds of illegal, and not even Eddie Kim's hammer can outmuscle Damon's Decree.

Valencia is the queen of control decks, and is best positioned as a swiss army knife with solutions to many of the hot Corp archetypes right now. With 50 cards you can pack all the hate cards you need. and the downside of inconsistency is mitigated by the solid econ/draw package provided by PPVP + events + Wyldcakes.

Have questions about this deck? Watch my video review, it probably answers your questions.. I'll also post videos with my commentary of this deck in action later on, so stay tuned! For now, check out Stimhack's Twitch.

18 Jul 2016 Katsushika

Absolutely loved the loser's final (really needs a new name). 07:35:00 on the Stimhacked Twitch for those interested!

Well done, Ben :)

31 Jul 2016 RTsa

Great deck! Took this, changed two cards and took down a Regionals yesterday. Highly recommended, huge thanks for sharing this! Too bad it's not legal after today. :)