Top Eight Montreal Regional Kenma

Johnny Polite 349

This is the runner deck I took to the Montreal Regional this past Saturday. I finished 5/6 (not sure) out of 44 players playing Kenma and BaBW. I had been playing Hayley and various asset spam decks for a long time, and wanted to play FAST decks. Be the change you want to see in the meta?

Ken didn't drop a game all day (runner split, sweep, sweep, ID, ID, and one win in double elim), but my corp deck couldn't keep up.

The strengths of the deck are that Desperado and Security Testing are actually well positioned in the current meta, and Freedom Through Equality + Makers or Legwork wins games. I think you could make a strong argument for playing Andy instead though, swap Gordian for Zu and find another influence to lose somewhere. Public Terminals were okay, but non-essential. Going forward I'd probably cut them, go to three SOT and stay at a slim 45 cards instead of my standard bloated 46.

18 Jul 2016 Xenoman

Great showing!

Should point out that this was the odd Montreal 4-Day Meta: 23 Seconds was legal, but the new changes to the FAQ / MWL were not in effect.

18 Jul 2016 dominionmundi

nice, I like it, respect on 1 x high stakes

20 Jul 2016 nutritionalzero

Any suggested substitutions for players with 1 x or 2 x core sets? I've been playing this on Jinteki and there's nearly always a dead Desperado in my hand anyway...

20 Jul 2016 Johnny Polite

@nutritionalzero I actually only have 2 cores and borrowed a Desperado before the tournament. You could just cut one and go down to 2, then you're fine at 45 cards. If you can get a third I think you want it, though. it's the best economy card in the deck.

21 Jul 2016 manveruppd

@nutritionalzero replace the 3rd one with a Deuce's Wild? :)

15 Aug 2016 Saracenar

Hey @Johnny Polite, I am running this deck with a few modifications and I'm wondering, how necessary is Levy? I haven't had to use it yet. Did you use it much or is it just there for longer games?

15 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

Hey @Saracenar, Levy is really there as insurance. You have no recursion apart from that, so if you lose the wrong breaker you're out of luck. Also, the only permanent econ in the deck is Desperado+Security Testing, so it can be nice to get back your money and siphons. That said, I rarely use it so it's a good candidate to cut and try something else.

15 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

Actually, @Saracenar, I was just looking at replacements for it - I'm trying replacing Corroder with Paperclip (as good or better most of the time, and if it gets trashed it can be reinstalled), and slotting in one Rumour Mill. Could be worth cutting the Levy.

23 Aug 2016 Saracenar

Thanks @Johnny Polite, I am going to try running those. Including Rumour Mill means that Councilman (which I was using instead of your Political Operative) can be dropped. I am also adding 3x Temujin Contract because it looks so good. At the moment I'm sitting on 46 cards and not sure what to cut. I am running 1 Film Critic for help against Argus and The Future Perfect, but it feels really situational and hasn't seen much use yet (we have a reasonably diverse meta where I play). I wonder though, how have you fared against damage decks, with only Sports Hopper to help you?

24 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

I think 46 cards is okay, I often end up at 46.

Damage decks can be a problem, but Argus isn't so bad. If you can stay ahead economically then they have trouble tagging you on their turn, and you just have to run early enough on your turn to have clicks left to clear tags after stealing agendas.