Installagamble: Install program = +1cl +7cr +1cd

poorhaus 412

Wanted to build a uniquely criminal deck. Draw was always a problem, so I went with Geist. This is a fun deck that has a chance at being competitive, which reminds me of the original Exile DumpsterGamble. Help me test and maybe we'll win.

The core econ engine: installing programs gets you credits, cards, strength for you B&E suite and even that click back. For example once set up, you install a zero-cost program spending no clicks thanks to Autoscripter, get a credit for Scheherizade, and (eventually) 6 creds From Tech Trader + Tech Writer (the Techies) and (eventually) a card from Geist if it was trashable. Sounds fragile but setup happens fast thanks to lots of inherent draw and some Quality Times.

Game Plan

Peddle like mad. Get some cards that reward you for installing down. Install programs to get rich quick with your Techies and Scheherazade. Snipe agendas early if you can. Install Turning Wheel. Pop your Writers (usually 5-10 creds each) to then Siphon and/or Vamp. Levy. Snipe remotes and continue to get unimpeded accesses on R&D and/or HQ (often netting credits for your run), then pop accumulated turning wheel counters to multi-access R&D when your opponent is on or near game point if you haven't won yet. Part of the fun of the deck is how it often comes down to those high impact multi-accesses for the win.

Forger = Link & up to 5 credits and a draw

I tested with 2x desperado but the Forgers help you get set up faster, you don't always run multiple times a turn, and money isn't a problem, so I cut them for a Vamp. Think of Forger like a unique piece of hardware, not a console. After you've got a sports hopper down, pop the Forgers to draw a card when you Siphon or Vamp, netting 5 credits if your Techies were fully installed and saving 2 on the tag removal. They also protect against SEA Source early, though late game you'll be pretty rich so that doesn't matter as much.


  • Your B&E breakers will let you break up to 18 pieces of ice as a theoretical max. It's not too far fetched though because as you go you'll get permanent breakers to put a floor on their strength.
  • Garotte gasp is just an emergency breaker for facing stacked sentries, and you're rich by the time you'll need it. If you need it.
  • Faerie is good with your install programs plan and is a cheap boost to B&E strength
  • Use passport midgame if you're rich enough, to preserve strength of other breakers and your ability to break code gates on remotes.
  • Once corroder is down the fracters can be the first to get popped if you don't need them for strength.
  • Haven't done the research on >3 sub ice that could be a problem but basically assuming that the permanent breakers plus money would fix any problem there.


  • Crescentus HQ or any expensive-to-rez ice that will set them back. You get up to two of these thanks to Levy, and it's a low cost program that will net you creds for the install. I'd have more if I could find room. See also cuts below.
  • Scheherazade is big time. Up to 3 credits net from the Writers, the real story is that this card can get you a max of almost 30 credits. Expect at least 15 in a normal game, letting you gain major tempo. Don't be sloppy about program trashing because, especially post Levy, losing a 'zade is game over. If you can't help destroying your programs for some reason, find space for a Sacrificial Construct, which can also get you a draw another Faerie use. 2x instead of 3 to avoid dead draws.

Why no Bazaar?

Don't get me wrong: I love the idea of Spy Camera/Freedom Through Equality shenanigans.

But installing hardware isn't as good as installing programs. Programs let you access cards and win the game. Hardware can give you good stuff but ultimately you can live without most of it. See also my thoughts about Spy Camera below.


Speaking of which, my hardware choices:

  • Autoscripter (thanks, CodeMarvelous!) lets you install an extra program each turn, which could net know the numbers. Beat that, Bazaar. Also, you rarely make unsuccessful runs but that's another potential use of a SacCon for the faint of heart.
  • HQ interface maximizes your HQ runs, which is important since your accesses won't be every turn. That plus Turning Wheel can win it all for you if you're certain the winning agenda is in HQ.
  • Sports hopper protects from kill, enables your breaker installation strategy, and draws you 4 cards when you need that missing piece.
  • Forger, as noted above, prevents you from getting totally nerfed by not seeing your hoppers early enough.

Potential changes

  • Sure gambles are often useless once you've set up but are pretty crucial for getting going sometimes so I'm loath to cut them. I might take one out.
  • Mass install is actually a good deal in this deck. Pop a hopper and mass install some programs onto a Scheherizade, gaining the click back from Autoscripter... you get the idea. Kinda inflexible though.
  • Someone Marcus Battying your loaded Scheherazade would be very catastrophic. Might need Political Operative in here. Possibly a Sacrificial Construct but I'd like to avoid it.
  • Cuts. Could cut a Forger, but consistency would go down. Could cut the Faerie, though by now it should be clear that installing low-cost programs is the core of the deck... More likely I'd try to cut the Garotte and something else and go up to 3x Faerie, living on the edge.
  • Even though Spy Camera is consumer, I might consider 1-2 and a Freedom because I love that plan and both are useful in isolation.


Testing now. Initial thoughts:

This deck is good at classic netrunner. You know, with running on servers and such. Additionally, it can out money most Weylands. It's got a decent chance against recently weakened fast advance thanks to its multi-access pieces, but is by no means optimized there. Once set up, you'll have a decent amount of creds for trashing things but no promises against IG.

Most of all, it's a really fun classic netrunner deck, so try the deck out and let me know what you think.

21 Jul 2016 magikot

Swap Garrote for Mongoose and the Scheherazade and QT for another Turning Wheel and a few off campus apartments. The deck makes a ton of money already that Scheherazade isn't really necessary. And the off campuses will give you more draw in the long run than QT will. Geist's main problem is FA and you have nothing that really combats that. A copy of The Source would go a long way. Especially since you can protect it with Fall Guys.

21 Jul 2016 poorhaus

Good thoughts. I'll definitely test something in that vein.

I'd like to get rid of the dead draws, and there's plenty of draw to see pieces already so I'm thinking -1 Scheherazade -1 Forger +1 Off Campus +1 PolOp. QT is also a dead draw once you're set up so I might drop them for something else, but I think 1x Turning Wheel is enough.

21 Jul 2016 JDC_Wolfpack

So I love the direction you're going here. Capitalizing on the big bucks Geist can make. I've not tested this deck at all so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

1) 1x Turning wheel and 1x HQI are your only multi access. This is a bit of a problem without spy cameras as you can't afford to make runs every turn to R&D lock without popping a few cloud breakers early.

2) Vamp is nice, but maybe spreading yourself too thin. Garote is going to be big bucks that you don't want to waste on a vamp. Geist has decent Glacier Matchups, so I'm not sure what Vamp does for you here (except kill CI). 3) You don't have great answers to a remote Turing, except a ton of set up

Maybe consider:

-1 Vamp

-2 Scheherazade

-1 Gamble

+1 Siphon

+1 Zu.13

And then 2inf for your choice of RDI, Film Critic, Employee Strike, Turning Wheel, etc.

Also, I would consider 1x Plascrete, 2x Hopper because subcontract is a card.

Overall good idea. I'm actually thinking about picking up Geist myself, he seems pretty fun. Looking forward to playing against yours.

22 Jul 2016 poorhaus

@JDC_Wolfpack thanks for the comments!

I try to think in terms of engine cards and win cards. You're right that more multi access would mean more win cards. I think it'd be bonkers to include medium for instance. RDI is definitely within reach but I really like that Turning wheel gets you a medium style deep dig. You're right that spy cameras would synergize with a snipe strategy but the plan is more to check R&D once a turn once set up then dig when things get dicey. Definitely excited to hear your testing thoughts and maybe a different win cards setup.

Speaking of Win Cards, Vamp. So I know it's controversial but I really love this card in this deck. It can turn off Caprices, make R&D runs free, etc etc. Garotte is for emergencies so ideally you don't need to install it. But seriously 25 -40 credits isn't unheard of by turn 10 or so, so I added Vamp as another outlet for them.

There may be better use of all those credits than vamp, or maybe there's too many credits and I need more win cards, but that was the thinking.

22 Jul 2016 Tichy

Missing 2 account siphons.

22 Jul 2016 poorhaus

@Tichy personally I think Vamp > Siphon in this deck.. The extra money is less valuable in most situations than your opponent having no resources. Plus clearing tags is a bore. I'd seriously consider cutting the Siphon for a second Vamp if I had the influence.

22 Jul 2016 poorhaus

Plus, combo wombo CI is just so much more afraid of Vamp :)