Whizzard Credit Denial + R&D Deep Dig v1.0

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nbove 19

Credit denial with the potential for a devastating R&D deep dig combo. This deck is typically fine with being tagged and is not reliant upon resources to drive it's economy. One thing to note is that Reina could be easily substituted instead of Whizzard here and would work quite well.

Try and get nerve agent out early and put initial pressure on HQ. Keep them rezzing ice and trashing it with parasites. Use clone chips to drop parasites mid run and deal with problematic ice. If the opportunity presents itself, nail them with a demolition run with a loaded up nerve agent to wipe out their hand.

Try and keep all of the ice on R&D unrezzed to set up your combo. If they do rez it, be sure to parasite it. You want all ice on R&D to be unrezzed/parasited in order to deal maximum damage with your combo.

Combo is as follows. Get out both mediums. Click one account siphon/vamp to drop the corp to 0 credits, then run R&D once, demolition run R&D, and run R&D again. Since the corp should have 0 money, the R&D runs should be free and the corp won't be able to rez ice. With grimoire that combo will access 12-15 cards out of R&D in one turn. That can often win the game by itself in a single turn.

Even without the combo the deck puts out huge pressure and makes for a very difficult game for the corp. The only weakness I have found with this deck is that it takes a little while to set up and if you don't get a Djinn early you will have to spend turns digging to find one.

In a deck with so many events, Same Old Thing becomes an incredible utility card. For the cost of 3 clicks (1 install, 2 to use) it can become just the right event just when you need it.

Finally, don't be afraid of trashing crypsis if it means you will be able to execute your combo. There is a lot of recursion built into the deck and it should not be difficult to get crypsis back out in short order if necessary.
1 Nov 2013 Monge Cravos

Well, if the corp sees you have many virus counters he can always use 3 clicks to purge them all, and this would probably kill your strategy. I know many players forget his option, but you shouldn't rely that much on your virus...

1 Nov 2013 nbove

I certainly did not forget that the corp can choose to purge, but I think you are underestimating the power of credit denial. Prior to executing the combo the virus counters are not essential. The nerve agent is just there to apply pressure. And if the corp spends a few turns purging virus counters, that means I have that much more time to set up my combo. Once I execute my combo, that leaves the corp with 0 money and essentially a completely unprotected R&D. Even if they purge virus tokens, I'm just going to run R&D 4 time again since they still have 0 money. The best possible response from the corp would be to play burst economy from their hand and try to get some money so they can rez ice on R&D. But with the demolition run on the turn before I can control what cards the corp is going to be drawing.