Viktor Jankenstein

CodeMarvelous 19761

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People keep telling me that sandburg doesn't synergize with bioroids.

I think it can you just have to go full jank.

Behold, the jankiest monster I have made in a long time.

Targeted marketing is key here to get your sandburg money fast. Heinlein grid is your surpise for people who want to click through.

8 Aug 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Full approval! But, again. NO MOTHER GODDESS!


8 Aug 2016 zwergonfire

I love it. I am so playing this the first chance I get

8 Aug 2016 sepruda

It's pretty poor. Most runners wont leave braintaping stay.

8 Aug 2016

Just in case someone else is wondering, he says: "Give my creation live!"

8 Aug 2016 coyotemoon722

What are some good plays to set up Heinlein? I've never seen that card do its job outside of False Lead shenanigans.

23 Sep 2016 Legitamte

@coyotemoon722Because Heinlein has to be already rezzed when the runner spends the , you can't trick them into bankrupting themselves. The only way you can really "gotcha!" them is to rez it right as they approach a piece of bioroid ice and decide they aren't going to jack out--if they made the run assuming they could just through, they're probably not prepared to break the subroutines conventionally, meaning they have to choose between going bankrupt or eating a lot of subroutines in the face.

Basically, the point of the card isn't to trick the runner, it's to eliminate the weakness on -through ice.