Jamcon Foodcoats 2nd Place (5-5)

SimonMoon 2093

This went 5-5 at Jamcon but it was a strong 5-5 (felt like I lost a lot of games where I had an edge and never felt blown out). Its not very exciting, and has an 80% overlap with World Champ Foodcoats. Magnet is pretty nice vs. Anarch, and Sherlock 2.0 is really strong vs. Shaper.

One possible change is Tollbooth / Static -> Eli #3 / Crisium.

10 Aug 2016 dogstew

-1 Magnet, +1 Biotic, yo :)

10 Aug 2016 gammanet

what was the biotic versions record?

with the coming of rumor mill, do you have any input on changes with upgrades, or just beat anarchs by being better then them and the upgrades are broken against everyone else?

10 Aug 2016 gammanet

also, im curious why 2 serlocks over something like an ichi2.0/sherlock split?

10 Aug 2016 dogstew

@gammanet Biotic version went 6-2. Sherlock 2 is much better than ichi 2 against shaper because sharpshooter doesn't break it. Also the 1cr rez difference can definitely be relevant, and auto-tagging is nice.

10 Aug 2016 gammanet

i didnt think about sharpshooter...that makes alot of sense. are you also on board with crisium over booth post-tourny?

10 Aug 2016 dogstew

I'm definitely on board with crisium now that everyone is going to be on DLR Maxx! :P

At gencon I wasn't expecting much siphon so didn't include it, which was the right call.

11 Aug 2016 SimonMoon

@gammanetmy plan against rumor mill is to test against it, see what the matchups look like and how common it's usage actually is. It's hard to judge both of the things just looking at the card, but its clear it will have an impact.

I'd probably stick with this post tournament. If the meta shifts to more Crim / Siphon Anarch I'd put in Eli / Crisium, but for now I think this has a good balanced suite for the meta.

11 Aug 2016 gammanet

@SimonMoon``@dogstew what were both of your matchups like during swiss? sorry to badger, im just overjoyed with HB still doing HB things, and not real certain what the meta is atm on the runner side.

11 Aug 2016 dogstew

@gammanet I played mostly variants on dumblefork, one or two shaper/crim. Honestly the matchups were pretty straightforward. Make money, protect servers, score agendas. HB doing HB things, like you say.