Dyper v3.21 (7th at UK Nationals 2016)

rotage 2363

This is the deck that I took the UK Nationals 2016 and placed 7th at. The deck has been a work in progress for 9 months now and variants of it have brought me 3 SC wins, 4 regional cuts, 3rd in the UK rankings and now 8th at UK Nationals

For those not familiar the concept the idea is to use DDOS with False Echo to enable you to run R&D with the corp being unable to rez any ice, you then use Hyperdrivers with Keyhole to enable multiple keyhole runs in one turn, trashing their agendas and then running archives to steal the agendas and win in one turn

This used to work well with 3 False Echo and 3 Clone Chip as it would require 8 ice on R&D to stop the combo, however the UK meta got wise to my antics and started to fight back and used tricks like rezzing ice, spamming agendas on the table, putting caprice on R&D or rushing behind ice knowing I couldn't run the remote

To counter this I added Faust to allow me to break ice, Chameleon to deal with Turing, Swordsman and Komainu, however this didn't solve asset spam decks where there could be a Jackson on the table ready to undo all my work, I spent a while trying to find a solution when it occurred to me that the solution was oblivious... APOCALYPSE!!

With apocalypse I could install my breakers run R&D not minding if they rezzed ice and then run HQ and Archives and then destroy the board state, this also sometimes gave me some free agendas either from a scoring remote or ones that had been installed naked.

Once Political Operative was released this solved my issue with Caprice and I was happy with the deck again

Regarding other choices, bookmark has prompted lots of debate, for me it has 4 main uses. 1 To store cards I want later that I don't want to discard, 2 Food for Faust and 3 Put key cards on there that I'm worried may be removed by the corp i.e Salems, PE etc and 4 To act as a Plascrete/sports hopper and ensure I don't get 24/7 killed

New Angeles City hall has been added in response to CtM as I can't afford to be closed accounts or have All Seeing I played against me

The day panned out as below:

Round 1 Don Bowden (CI) (Win)- Before the round started Johno came over and told me I would be on stream, this alarmed me as it meant I was going to get a tough match and Don and has played CI a lot, I had never played against CI before so I was concerned how the game would go, early on Don tried to score out behind a piece of ice, luckily I had an SMC so was able to get a breaker to steal the agenda, I then built up being careful not to run, when he tried to sneak out an agenda again to force me to run I popped the Hyperdrivers for the big turn took the agenda and keyholed one agenda before using Notoriety for the win

Round 2 - Alex Borrill (54 CtM) (Lose) - Alex knows my deck very well and plays very effective crazy decks so I knew this would be hard, he asset spammed hard early on and got plenty of ice on R&D meaning I would need to Apocalypse to have a chance, he didn't score any agendas to prevent my Fansites from being scored, in the end he double advanced a card forcing my hand as I did not have NACH, I had to resort to checking remotes and running HQ to try to win somehow as R&D as I did not get the Apoc, with the big turn failing I conceded

Round 3 - Sam Pay (CtM) (Win) - I had played Sam a few weeks ago so he knew my deck, he didn't get any early Sensie's or Banker's so installed a card behind ice and kept advancing it, once it got beyond 5 I knew it was a Beale, eventually I ran it he rezzed a tollbooth, I did have an option to break it but there was an upgrade in the server which I feared was red herrings so I declined to not break, it also left Sam very poor and unable to HHN me, he scored a 5pt Beale but was left with 0 credits, I then performed the big turn and was able to get the points for the win

Round 4 - Laurie Poulter (CtM) (Win) Laurie knows me and my deck very well and being a national champion previously was going to be another tough game, he got a good start and scored a BN I did have NACH out so avoided the tags, he then scored a food on a rezzed san san, his next turn was to install advance a card on the san san, if it is a food I would lose so I took the bait and ran it, paying money to beat the resistor trace, it was indeed a food which I stole meaning I lost my NACH. Next turn Laurie scores a breaking news, I then use artist colony to sell forfeit the food to install a keyhole, Laurie then takes a credit and passes the turn. I then decide to peform the big turn, getting 6 points into Archive and using notoriety for the win

Rounds 5-6 (ID)

Round 7 - Simon Castle (Biotech) (Loss) Having IDed the last two rounds I played Simon who due to a poor SoS had to play the final round. He installed multiple assets while I setup, he scored a Fetal and then later on Mushined a card, I had seen a biotic labor in his hand from before so I knew it was possible for him to win, I ran the mushined card, hit a psychic field, lost the PSI game and was murdered

Cut Round 2 – Peter Hernandez (Gagarin) (Win) – Peter was playing Hot Tubs and I was hopefully he wouldn’t be too familiar with my deck, we both built up and eventually he used construction company to score a Hollywood renovation, meanwhile he had used EBC to rez two hives and a spiderweb on R&D, a few turns later before any more Ice got rezzed I made my big turn as I knew I would have to Apocalypse, as all the ice was barrier at str3 and 1 I could use Chameleon, however as I started to run R&D Peter rezzed a Sandburg my heart sank, I had to jack out ran the Sandburg and trash it, I ran R&D again and had to hope there wasn’t another one, I got through all the ice and having ran HQ and Archives I played Apocalypse, I then installed Keyhole and began keyholing, I got 5 pts in Archives but then went a few keyholes without hitting, with about 20 people watching I managed to keyhole another agenda with 1 click left to run archives and win the game

Cut Round 3- Tagore (CtM) (Loss) – Tagore also knew my deck and got a Sensie turn 1, I toy with trashing it and chose not to, this was a massive mistake, he was able to get Bankers installed and develop his board state, he used a SanSan to score a Beale which I had to trash, he then scores a breaking news forcing me to get a NACH out, I was able to get ready for a turn but just before I perform the turn he installs more ice on R&D forcing me to dig for an apocalypse, in the meantime he manages to sneak out agendas on cards I didn’t check

The deck used to have an Astrolabe and although I couldn’t find room for one I would definitely like to find space for one, I am also going to drop 1 cache and 1 political operative for a rumur mill as this stops Caprice, Batty, Jackson Howard and Sandburg

Finally I would like to thank @Vexation as it was their deck I saw that inspired me about 9 months ago to go down this route, their deck is here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/27190/indian-deathlock-aka-the-triple-h-bomb-

15 Aug 2016 emilyspine

Congratulations on 7th place rotage. A massive achievement. Thanks for the write up as well, sounds like a lot of memorable games. Where next for dyper!

15 Aug 2016 rotage

@emilyspineThanks, I'm goint to stop playing Dyper for a while, with untitled secret project 1.0 being developed

15 Aug 2016 Oddjob62

Guess that means it'll be faceplanting into some new jank sometime soon.

15 Aug 2016 Oh_Em_Ve

What do you think about rumor mill in a deck like this to stop caprice etc?

15 Aug 2016 Oh_Em_Ve

Sorry, never mind saw you mentioned it at the end now >_>

15 Aug 2016 Tolaasin

@rotage'Thanks, I'm goint to stop playing Dyper for a while,' -

We have never, ever heard you say that before. Forgive us if we are just a little sceptical. :) well done on the excellent result

15 Aug 2016 shanodin

You should be extremely proud of having designed this deck, adapting to a changing meta, and piloting it across the season to some excellent results. Well done :)