1st place UK Nationals 2016: CTM Tempo Rush

Vikz93 676

Hi everyone for the sake of completion I will be posting my CTM deck that I took to the UK nationals 2016. This is heavily based off of the “TheBigBoys” CTM deck posted here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/36731/bigboy-ctm-tempotag

As a side note I would also like to tell everyone that about 2 weeks before the nationals I was using a SYNC deck for my corp and was originally just going to take that because I was comfortable with it. Then my friends @teemo and @badwammerjammer mentioned to me the power level of this deck and how it just feels superior to SYNC in many aspects and provided me with their own deck lists. After playing it myself for about 5 games I couldn’t help but agree with them. This deck does not take much practice to be competent with and is very strong in the current meta.

I won’t go too much into detail for this one because the way you play this deck seems pretty self explanatory. I will explain some of the deck choices I have gone for though. There are some minor changes that I made to this deck compared to TheBigBoy’s deck and other decks.

  1. DBS (-) – I took it out just because I personally felt the 3x Sensie were enough draw for the deck and any more was a bit overkill.

  2. Reversed Accounts (+) – I really like this card here. It works in combination with HHN very well. It can also act as a double advanced card that could potentially be a breaking news behind a remote. In these scenarios the runner gets very wary and will either do one of two things. They will either try and steal the “Breaking News” (snigger) or they will try and spend as much money as possible before being closed accounts to make it less appealing. Both of which are win-win situations for you. Furthermore if they do manage to get into the server then they sort of have to trash it because otherwise they lose 8+ credits Once trashed this will trigger CTM’s ability and they will most likely get a tag for the pleasure. It’s an amazing tempo card and I am glad a lot of the CTM I saw at nationals were not running this card.

  3. Red Herrings (+) – This is in TheBigBoy’s deck and I really like it so I left it in. It’s incredible in a rush style deck that tries to keep the runner poor.

  4. SanSan City Grid (-) – I was tempted with putting a 2x of like a lot of people at the nationals have done. But I also really wanted a 3rd bankers in there. So I omitted them from the deck. This deck doesn’t really care about FA that much I feel. It’s more of just a rush style deck and the 3rd bankers is better suited for that. I hear the arguments on both sides of the fence but I just felt that this was a better option for me.

  5. All-Seeing I (+) – So GenCon 2016 just happened and a DLR MaxX deck that has a good matchup against CTM was released to the public. I therefore assumed that I would be going up against at least a couple of these decks. In the end I went up against 2 MaxX players in the swiss rounds. This card saved my bacon and I am so happy I decided to go with 2 in the end. It was a meta call and I think it’s safe to say I made the right choice in this case.

  6. Cyberdex Virus Suite (-) – I needed to make space for some of the other cards I went for in the end. With the new changes that have happened because of the MWL I didn’t feel like I needed this card as much as I use to. There was a lot of Employee Strike Whizzard on the day who used Medium, but I still didn’t feel the absolute need for this card.

  7. Turnpike (-) – This card is a great tax on the runner however I was struggling to find space in this deck. Unfortunately it had to come out. The other options were too good to pass up on.

So that’s it everyone. If you have read this far, I would just like to say thanks. Also thanks to all my opponents and the judges who made the day epic. I am looking forward to worlds and next years nationals immensely. See you all there 

17 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

Wow you made the EXACT changes to my original deck that I did! The only difference is I have the 3rd Sweeps over the TarMar, which is pretty w/e.

Great to see you win without Sansans! #TeamHerrings

17 Aug 2016 Vikz93

@TheBigBoyHaha amazing! I may put in a 3rd sweeps now instead and take out a hedge fund because of all the Temujin that's going about and the possible resurgence of criminal (Andy). Will have to see how the meta pans out!

Sansans are for the weak hearted. #TeamHerrings

22 Aug 2016 clercqie

Sansan Breaking News plays can open up your game against otherwise really difficult runners. I think they are worth it, tbh.

Of course congrats on the achievement!

30 Aug 2016 KryptikRVR

@TheBigBoy @Vikz93 what is your opinion on 1x Clone Sufferage Movement over a bankers group?