ABT Design

Johnny Polite 349

I've been playing this deck for a week or so and just took second place with it at a summer game night kit. My runner deck was a Gramble Scrub with slight mods (Rumor Mill, Paperclip). The game plan is pretty simple: Rush out agendas, and trigger ABTS all day. Blacklist is a wonderful card, and this deck has enough ice to protect a blacklist and a scoring remote. People play Paperclip a lot right now, and it feels good to make sure it stays in the heap. If you can fire Agg Sec before rezzing a Blacklist then you should probably just win the game. Targeted Marketing could probably be something else.

Relevent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcMHo2wInwQ

24 Aug 2016 npcdel

You've got enough other NBN stuff to make Salem's Hospitality feasible, if you're not sold on Targeted Marketing. It could be a good include to stop problematic cards before they start?

24 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

@npcdel Salem's is a decent idea. Only recursion is the one of Archived Memories, though, so you really have to guess right. I'll try it out, though. At the moment I'm trying a Wraparound instead.

25 Aug 2016 Hels

Vanilla, Vanilla, Pop-up Window. Best ABT ever.

25 Aug 2016 Johnny Polite

It's better than three agendas!