Alliance IG Prison

indeflab4 162

A modified version of the IG Prison archetype I'm testing for upcoming tournaments. Losing 3 influence from the MWL2 hurts because we no longer have Hive for the barrier slot, so I'm trying Ice Wall as an alternative to give us the Weyland alliance for Consulting Visit. Plus, if Vanilla is good for 49 card IG, maybe this will be fine for us.

Heritage Committee still feels ok, despite losing our ability to shuffle agendas; card draw is still good for getting pieces and filling Archives.

I'm also trying Caprice as another way to establish the prison on Archives. I know I'm not the first, but with the hit to our ICE composition, we need another way to make the Archives flip taxing. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if there's anything I missed or could use!

30 Aug 2016 Mechanoise

You kids and your Prison decks; one of my favourite identities that once commanded respect has now fallen to the ranks of 'bad form' thanks to Bio Ethics and Museums. :P

Played IG loads before the Mumbad Cycle - I'm struggling to see your win condition. It's obviously kill, but with a single Ronin and no dedication ceremony I'm worried you're making things really difficult for yourself. Once the group realises there are no advancable traps, especially no Snares, the moment you start advancing the Ronin it will draw attention to it, and don't forget the Slums is a thing!

With only Ice wall as a Binary ICE to keep the Runner out of a scoring remote and a Caprice as back-up I would be concerned about the win condition. I would suggest including Psychic Field as it's such a dangerous card, followed by a Project Junebug or two to bluff a Ronin and potentially kill the Runner. It's beneficial for you to not let the round drag on, you want the Runner to feel the kill condition is being assembled and they need to act now. I had a lot of success with Runners being forced into tight corners to make decisions that could be life-or-flatline, and when IG is up by 5 points then every advancable card is a game threat.

Consider playing with a few options that makes IG actually move forward to win, as opposed to sit back and wait. Good luck and I hope you don't get too much flak ;)

30 Aug 2016 indeflab4

@Mechanoise I know what you mean about IG in the past; I took IG Glacier to the Florida Regionals in 2015 to top 8, and had a blast doing it. I hadn't considered advancable traps, as this is based on the Prison decks from the MWL1 Era, but having more threats isn't a bad thing, so definitely worth testing.