HOI! - London BABW first place

maxey 1754


So after playing geist for ages and doing okay I decided to put together a proper deck. Not a very complicated deck, just good stuff anarch with temujin for bonkers econ. The main change I would make in hindsight is to swap the strike for a second D4V1D. Getting through high strength code gates early is an issue. Net-Ready Eyes didn't do much work on the day but I'm inclined to keep it, partly because I dont have the balls to take a deck with no answer to lotus field. Slums were thrown in last minute as CTM tech and they single handedly won me a game so I think they stay.

I think this deck is really strong right now, possibly not as strong as dumble, but its a really fun deck to play. Definitely more refinement is needed.

Game 1 - Laurie poultry - CTM Had slums in my opening hand, he didnt have enough assets to tax me early so I was just able to make money and get the accesses. This matchup does really seem to be defined by each players opening hands.

Game 2 - UK top 8 competitor Dr Tagore Nakornchai - CTM Kinda bullshitted my way through this one. Had an okay start with slums and money and stole an agenda. I think a breaking news was scored behind a tollbooth which got me ASId. I then just installed medium and ran 3 times for 3 points. ANOTHER WIN!

Game 3 - Daniel Bergel - ETF He was basically playing the same decks as me, I thing whizz is definitely favoured in this matchup. Cant remember exactly what happened but I think I just pointed temujin on R&D and scored 3 agendas in a row for the win.

Game 4 - Den - ETF This was the one game I lost. I had a slow start cause I injected a mimic and couldnt find recursion. I was probably too cautious about faceplanting an architect and should have just risked it. They rushed an ABT early hitting a janus which went on the scoring remote, they then scored a priority requisition behind it rezzing the janus on R&D. Fair play.

Game 5 - Hailey Kenyon - Jinteki Biotech Jack had gone completely undefeated at this point so I was super scared, Im bad at playing around shell games anyway. I played the start really badly, choosing to play an earthrise turn 1 instead of my econ (not sure what I was thinking). Then quickly hit a psychic field losing everything including a mimic. I then just proceeded to try and recover from the tempo loss, check remotes and then dig R&D. I ended up installing a parasite on a cortex lock just to get the memory full. Dont think I won a single psigame that game including on 3 game winning future perfects but in the end I just saw the agendas needed to win while keeping my cards in hand high.

5 Sep 2016 Vikz93

Congrats on the win. I have been testing a similar deck to yours and it's immensely fun!

5 Sep 2016 maxey

Its the most fun Ive had with a non geist deck in ages.

5 Sep 2016 matthopkins

Congrats on the win! This is a similar(ish) deck to what I took to German nationals - if I was a better player it definitely would have performed better!

Comments - I was on 3 Temujin, but had been considering dropping to two and adding 2 career fairs as you have. It's definitely the right call, combined with liberated in case you get locked out of your temujin server for a bit. My econ was different, 3 dirty laundries and no liberated, but it ended up feeling too "all in" on the run-based econ. Yours is more balanced, which is nice.

I'm still unsure about the second D4 vs Employee Strike. Strike won me the game against CI and IG49. I also have an Ice Carver, which marginally reduces the chances of high-strength code gates early being an issue. The only real problem I've found has been an early little engine, but D4 would only solve that problem once anyway.

One question - why the sports hopper? Is that just a hangover from playing Geist? I can't see you needing the draw, so I just prefer to stick plascrete down and be done with it.

Anyway, essay over, thanks for the inspiration to improve my deck!

5 Sep 2016 maxey

The idea was to have a plascrete which isnt completely dead in most matchups. Plascrete is probably better. Used to have ice carver but I think net ready is better, though its tempting to run both. I think liberated is a must, especially when you need to build up so much econ vs CTM. Also stops you getting locked out.

6 Sep 2016 matthopkins

I'd be interested to hear your reasoning for net ready over ice carver (aside from lotus field). Every game I saw it and cursed that I had a two-influence card in my deck that I never really needed

6 Sep 2016 maxey

Yeah its a tough one tbh. The reduced install cost is nice and I think you definitely want one or the other. I might even be tempted to run both. Also I dont think there is a huge amount of need for that inf elsewhere. Im also worried that if I start playing decks with no answer to lotus, people will start playing it :P.

6 Sep 2016 matthopkins

I'm using the extra influence on a second strike and a second D4, but need to test a bit and cut a card or two (now at 47). I still think that even if people do start playing lotus field a lot (and I don't see why they would at the moment), they still have to find it, and unless they find multiples you can still hit the other servers

6 Sep 2016 maxey

Its a very flexible list so there is definitely room to adjust for playstyle.

8 Sep 2016 sepruda

This deck is a lotta fun. NRE saved me both from ichi and lotus field

17 Sep 2016 Fabregus

Hello there, thanks for the deck, it seems really good! Would you add one Rumor Mill? And if wanted include an ice carver, what would you drop? Thanks!

18 Sep 2016 maxey

Ive made a few changes including adding ice carver. I ended up cutting inject and retrieval and I think added another earthrise. Rumour mill could totally work, there is plenty of room for change. Currently I'm just hoping all the palana players get scared off by the threat of rumour mill so I dont have to play it.