Consultation Shop - Top 8 Australian Nationals

Lyncha 120

Hello and thank you for calling the consultation shop. We have many specialised consultants ready to visit with you and discuss your needs in relation to cyber security.

Having trouble with aggressive runners putting the pressure on before you can set up? Not a problem. We will help you find the perfect midseason replacement to help track them down.

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Whatever your needs we have a solution for you!

I took this deck to the Australian Nationals feeling the meta was ripe for a kill deck with most players building to beat ctm and IG.

It lost 2 games for the day, 1 in swiss which if not for a 1/5 snipe from hq and then a rnd top deck was dead the next turn and 1 in Elimination against a Ken Tenma that had early cash and found a plascrete when I scored a second bn.

Deck felt super strong all day and I used all kill avenues, a beanstalk into traffic-scorch after landing an early midseasons with consulting, 24/7 traffic-scorch, I even used consulting visit once to get a scorch to finish off and early tagged runner, and the one that got me into the cut, a salem's hospitality against whizz which hit 2 IHW into 24/7-Scorch.

All wins for the day were kills.

The reasons I went with consulting visit was I wanted a way to find early midseasons or hhn without having to run 3x of each. And with Temujin being a thing in almost every deck I needed a way to kill without a credit advantage so chose the 24/7 route which payed off big time all day. I was also expecting a ton of crim so for my 6th Weyland card to get consulting for no influence I chose beanstalk royalties so if the runner thought going tag me-siphon spam was safe I could also finish them off.

12 Sep 2016

Great meta call. Your play with this was instructive. I still feel guilty lol.

12 Sep 2016 Lyncha you shouldn't feel guilty.. You played to your only out.. If you did nothing you were dead

12 Sep 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Sick. I like that you still got a SanSan in there. Obviously 2 Scorch instead of 3 wasn't a big deal?

12 Sep 2016 Lyncha

@SneakdoorMelbno not a big deal at all. Between Jackson, sensie and Lily you draw a stack of cards. And in one game I used a consulting to find it.