Git Gud Kit v1.1

stickboy 619

A "better" version of Git Gud Kit (Previous Decklist of the week )


12 Sep 2016 Krobelia

Went really really well with -1 Legwork -1 Indexing +2 Networking. The current Tagstormstuff makes it really really hard not getting kicked out of the game if you dont remove the Tags.^^

12 Sep 2016 stickboy

This deck was created with the idea of going all in on it's game plan. I wanted to avoid using counter cards like Networking! Honestly, I'm just happy to write those match ups down as unfavourable.

If you want a Shaper deck that counters the current Tagstormstuff then look at Silver Bullet Kate -

(made by a fellow Nottingham, UK player :D)

12 Sep 2016 Krobelia

But then i wouldnt play Kit. :P Currently im fine with this list and having a shitton of fun with it. :3

12 Sep 2016 ClubbingSealCub

-1 Legwork +1 The Turning Wheel lets you change Corroder for a Clippy. I've said it in the previous decklist, but Turning Wheel has been working amazingly for me in this deck.

12 Sep 2016 ClubbingSealCub

Ah, my bad. I didn't see your response in the other decklist. Carry on legworking and corroding!

13 Sep 2016 PlutoNick

Used this in a local (Greek) GNK. Got first place. 10 people turn out. My corp deck was CtM.

13 Sep 2016 PlutoNick

Oopps. Wrong Deck. I used the previous version of Git Gud.

13 Sep 2016 stickboy

Congrats @PlutoNick! I'm glad my deck served you well!

14 Sep 2016 nungunz

Do you miss the memory loss from Mirror to Astro at all?

15 Sep 2016 stickboy

@nungunzno, not in any game I've ever played. I have also dropped the cyber-cypher & Medium though, so all you really need installed is 3 breakers & 2 cloaks

20 Sep 2016 dagonlb

what do you think about that: -1 Legwork +1 Rebirth, so in late game can be useful change KIT for the new ID Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net ?

20 Sep 2016 dagonlb

or what about -1 Legwork +1 net mercur (new data pack) ?

21 Sep 2016 karmaportrait

Really considering using the description image as my new phone background.