StimHack Draft Cube CORP: Blood Money

bluebird503 1966

First update since Liberated Mind! Will be playing with and testing this when possible so that future updates go smooth. If you have suggestions or comments please post on the stimhack forums on the cube thread. Thanks! Still considering some cards from last few sets(merger, etc.) but wanted to get these changes out so people can update their cubes.

-1 Harvester +1 Chrysalis

-1 Hourglass +1 Sherlock 2

-1 RSVP +1 Fairchild 2.0

-1 Viktor 1.0 +1 Magnet

-1 Beanstalk Royalties +1 Lateral Growth

-1 Subliminal Messaging +1 Zealous Judge

-1 Shock +1 Prisec

-1 Product Placement +1 Hard Hitting News