CtM Fear (3rd at Spanish Nationals)

brainstorm 332

I took this deck to Spanish Nationals and I got the 3th place. As a runner, I was playing Geist. This deck went "undefeated" on both days, although on the losers bracket final I was eliminated playing it with a timed draw 6-6 and was out as I was the second seeded and draw with the first :(

The deck takes advantage of CtM fear. I have no tech for tag punishment besides resistor, Information Overload and Psycographics. Well, I mean, I don't run closed accounts, Exchange of information, The all-seeing I, etc... I was counting with everyone thinking I'm running those, so they were playing slower giving me the time for money up and finish the game by scoring before they realize I don't have those things.

The strategy is quite simple. Asset spam, money up, and then score on a protected server with SanSan, or give away an Explode-a-Palooza and then Midseaons and a 7-Point Beale.

On Day 1 Game 1 - Fast 7 points scored behind a tollbooth versus good stuff Valência. 7-0. Game 2 - Win over Andromeda with a 4-point Beale. They went tagged by Midseasons after stole an Explode-a-Palooza. 7-2. Game 3 - Fast 7 points scored behind a Resistor versus DLR MaxX. 7-0. Game 4 - Another Andromeda. Hard game, but went 7-6, scoring behind a Tollbooth. They had only Passport and Yog and was not able to get Femme. Game 5 - ID Game 6 - ID.

On Day 2 As second seeded I choose to play Corp first.

Game 1 - Scored a 7-Point Beale after a 13 tag Midseasons versus good stuff Valência.

Lower Bracket game 1 - Won Versus another good stuff Valencia. They left Sensie and SanSan rezzed the all game, so it was easy. Well I left R&D opened for a few turns as I didn't got any Ice, not even with Sensie rezzed, but fortunetly he didn't got Medium also :)

Lower Bracket Final - 6-6. Draw by time but as I said before he was the first on day 1 so I went home. He played Silver Bullet Kate. I missed 1 click. The game quite tense and maybe I could have done more but I was too tired to see the last chance. Although it was a long shot I could have made it... The game ended with a 15 minutes on a SanSan. So, 1 more click/Astro token and I would have made the 7 points.