Prepaid Whizzard

JWHamner 345

I made this deck mainly to test out what I think of Prepaid VoicePAD in advance of Honor and Profit (and play with Morning Star), but it's running surprisingly well for me.

Besides the Morning Star and Prepaid VoicePADs, this is basically a pretty standard denial deck. Siphon's and Vamp to keep the corp poor. Deja Vu can bring the Siphons back. Go Tag Me unless you fear Scorched Earth. Retrieval Run for Morning Star if you see Hive or Eli's, otherwise standard Anarch rig.

I do find that I love the VoicePAD and will mulligan for it. Getting 2 out early is pretty insane: a Sure Gamble from 3 laughs at Lucky Find, free Dirty Laundry, and Quality Time for 1 credit. It'll be better in Criminal with Tenma+Desperado, but it's not bad in Anarch!

3 Apr 2014 guinea_pig

Looks like a pretty cool deck! One thing I would suggest is maybe put in liberated account instead of armitage, as it looks like you'll be floating tags, and liberated is great for quick money. Also, have you considered spinal modem instead of grimoire? Not sure which is better here, as the extra memory may be more beneficial than the creds.

3 Apr 2014 JWHamner

Armitage is better at recovering from a Closed Accounts, which I think makes it better than Liberated here. If I had the slots, I would put Liberated in there as additional economy though.

I did consider Spinal Modem, but ultimately chose Grimoire for the extra MU and the fact that when I put down my Medium/Nerve Agent to close out a game (or simply the 2nd Datasucker) it will start with a counter on it. However, the economy of Spinal might be a better choice. It'll make playing Morning Star very difficult though.

3 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Prepaid voicepad has a nice synergy with Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry and Lucky Find. If ever the meta finds a way to ruin siphon, i'd switch to power draw and Lucky Find. I like the build though, anything with demo run and nerve agent makes me smile.