Plan B is my Plan A!

LSK 4580

This is a Mushin deck that's all about scoring out.

Just like Battle of Wits, this is a Mushin deck that doesn't screw around. Mushin -> advance everything. Protect your centrals and don't bother with a scoring remote.

The big trick to this deck is Plan B. It's a surprise if someone doesn't know it's coming, and it means that any Mushined remote could win you the game. It doesn't even cost any credits to use, which means you can use it through Vamp or Account Siphon.

Don't feel the need to score Mushined agendas right away. If you keep them around they look like failed traps and you can conceal how close you are to winning. For instance, with 2 points scored and a Mushin -> advanced Improved Protein Source on the table, you can Biotic a Braintrust out and score the Protein to win.

16 Oct 2016 dmartel

Plan B! Love it.