Guys, I really just HATE Jackson Howard

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ctz 2203

Damon please ban Jackson.

21 Oct 2016 Murphy

Uuuummmmm this doesn't work.

What do you do against the turn 1 Wraparound + News Now Hour combo?

Please rethink your deck before posting...

21 Oct 2016 wookiez

I'm all for trolling, but this is just spam, and phishing for votes.

22 Oct 2016 Friff14

@wookiez and the Jackson one wasn't? (Coming from the guy who posted the Jackson one)

22 Oct 2016 PeterCapObvious

If you are having a rough time with Jackson crying about it will be sure to make things better

26 Oct 2016 Jackson Howard

The rumors regarding my role in the 23 Seconds incident are categorically untrue.

21 Aug 2017 Frogblast

LOL gets wrecked by 24/7 boom