Point Break 0.1

themaninthehighcastle 83

Everybody going surfing, surfing R&D!

The idea is to get your refractor, paintbrush, surfer combo set-up and then hit R&D hard with your Makers Eye and R&D Interfaces. Surf into a server with a Temujin and you'll often be able to get into two or three deep servers without having to spend too much in the way of normal credits. Once you've got Mirror out, you have a bit more room for Paricia and Clot. Net Mercur is MVC in this deck and just about keeps it ticking over. It's often worth making a run just to spend a lock pick credit to put it on Net Mercur for later. Big shout out to @tiedyedvortex and @Nobo715 for the inspiration for this deck. Comments welcome!