SYNC (1st Place - Store Championship - Lisbon)

brainstorm 332

This was the Corp deck I took at the first Portuguese Store Champ. We had 14 players and played 4 rounds of Swiss.

This deck went 4-0.

Round 1 - Win versus MaxX DLR
Round 2 - Win versus Adam
Round 3 - Win versus Adam
Round 4 - Win versus Andromeda.

Yes, I played versus 2 Adams and I don't have HHN :( I though replacing one Exchange of Information for an HHN, but in the end I didn«t made the change. I know HHN is a possible 12 creds hit on the runner, but the deck space is so tight :(

24 Oct 2016 Dazzling

Atm im running a very similar version but yours seems more reliable. Thoughts on swapping 1xgutenberg for 1xclosed? 12 ICE for this deck should be perfect

24 Oct 2016 brainstorm

I'm very reluctant to reduce the number of ICE. I really need to get 1/2 ICEs on my initial hand. Or get the second ICE at least by turn 2. I don't find closed accounts that necessary. If you do remove one ICE I would suggest Hard Hitting News.