Foundry Fields ( tournament, 2nd place)

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MattyJWest 65

Took this deck to a tournament organised by the Sneakdoor Melbourne group, ending up placing second after four rounds (SoS put me in second, I think I was tied on points with three others). The plan was quite simple: hope that no-one could resist the lure of that sweet Anarch breaker set in Core so they'd look confused and then sad when I rezzed Lotus Field. Then also hope that people forgot to include something to boost Yog by 1.

This actually ended up working two out of four rounds, which was nice. The other two worked fine as a glacier build, but Gordian Blade can really make this deck depressed. Atman 4 is also a particularly harsh counter. If I was to play this deck again I'd definitely fiddle with the ICE variety a little.

There's really no reason for Foundry over EtF other than the promise of relatively safe Accelerated Beta Tests. If I'm honest, I found myself consistently forgetting to trigger Foundry's ability because that's how often I'd usually play it. Anyway, here's some 1's:

Core: ABT's are an auto-include obviously, but the PriReqs are really only in this deck from a lack of better options. While I love Turing, it's a potential trade off to give yourself a better agenda option with your playset .1. While credits from Adonis and PAD are vulnerable to a Whizzard deck, keep in mind there are 22 ICE in this deck, so you can spare a few to at least tax trashing runs. Agg Sec is to potentially snipe Decoders, although it failed to tempt anyone all day. The singleton Snare actually cropped up multiple games, and is also a good target for Archived Memories if you need to make your HQ unpalatable. Archived is also your only real defence if you get milled or flooded (no Jacksons here).

Data and Destiny: Mostly just to take Global Food, but also gave me a few more credits in the form of Launch Campaign. They were the only two cards I took from the deluxe, but Assassin is probably a worthy include if I were to run this deck again.

Upstalk: That spicy Lotus Field tech primarily, but also gave me Domestic Sleepers to switch on Archer, and NEXT Silver and MoGo for NEXT shenanigans. As it turns out, NEXT Silver is rubbish in the decks you want to see (Anarchs and their plentiful Parasites) but actually does decent work in the decks you'll hate (Shapers and their strength-keeping decoders).

Turing: This could just as easily be Architect, but I decided for more of a glacier feel. Double Turing is a painful server at the best of times, but it's even more so with D4v1d a little rarer due to the format.