Fake Food: 10 - 0 King of Servers 2016

itsbigfoot 2792

Mushin deck that plans to score out more than kill. Mushin advance 90% of the time you use the card, as a 4 advanced mushin is a lot harder to deal with than anything else. The number of traps in the deck is intentionally low, as they're pretty dead cards 90% of the time, so no, don't add more. Object of the deck is to score a 5/3 off mushin, then mushin another and follow up with clones + advance for 7 points. Ice was picked to be annoying to a wide variety of rigs without making you go poor, as you need the threat of the advanced cards actually being lethal in order to score.

Agendas were originally 3 gfi to make it as annoying as possible, but it wound up not mattering as much as 3 influence, as 7 agendas with 3 tfp is plenty annoying as it is.

won multiple times against siphon whiz, criminal, nexus/link kate, temu whiz and dlr max. Shoutout to Geoff Pendery for the original deck idea.

7 Nov 2016 zeroshift

Really cool deck, i've been working on a tweaked version of Deck of the week sicne before it was deck of the week trying to find a grindier jinteki, this is cool, I have some questions:

Punitive counterstrike - Seems odd, only regularly doing 3 meat, otherwise seems a bit dead outside of the "dream" of nailing them for 6.

Playing this deck a little, I seem to end up playing mushin and iceing the new remote over fear of them just checking utopia fragment, but reading your synopsis, that appears as if it may be incorrect, can you expand on play style or tricks a little?

7 Nov 2016 itsbigfoot

punitive is usually used in conjunction with either archived memories or ronin/neural to finish off the kill.

If you play mushin you kinda have to accept that they might check it and double down on it. Mushin ice is a good play only if you're very sure they can't break the ice (lotus field vs yog or cortex lock/komainu against no programs + low money). My best advice would just be mushin advance a couple games to gauge how people react before mixing it up with anything else