Kharn the Betrayer 223

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"It is the 3rd Millennium. For more than a hundred turns the Emperor of Bumkind has sat immobile in the #1 Pawn Shop of New Angeles. He is the master of trashkind by the will of the gods and master of a million runs by the might of his inexhaustible credits. He is a dirty hobo programming invisibly with code from the New Age of Technology. He is the Dumpster Lord of the vast Heap of Cards for whom a thousand credits are sacrificed every day so that runs may never truly be ended. Yet even in his homeless state, the Emperor continues his eternal run. Mighty rigs cross the ICE-infested miasma of the Net, the only route between distant agendas, their way lit by the Sahasrara, the recurring manifestation of the Emperor's credits. Vast Icebreakers give battle in His name on uncounted servers. Greatest amongst his installs are the Anarch Icebreakers, the Heap Programs, scavenged super-breakers. Their backups in heap are legion: the Clone Chips and countless card recycling events, the self-modifying codes and the caches of the Criminal Runners to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to break through the ever-present defenses against access from barriers, code gates, sentries -- and far, far worse. To be a credit in such games is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to be spent on the toughest and most efficient rig imaginable. These are the decks of those games. Forget the power of Whizzard and Maxx, for so much has been Listed, never to be removed. Forget the promise of HQ and archives, for in the top four cards there are only agendas. There is no peace across the net, only an eternity of trash and install, and the laughter of advancing corps."

This is a rework of the exileclips engine seen in


This deck is built significantly differently, but runs on the same dumpster gambles all day concept. Your rig should look something like 2x Sahasrara, Free Shrike (thanks to rabbit hole), Scheherazade hosting orchestra or paperclip and one MU open to be filled by reinstalling the other of the two or clot or net shield or whatever you need depending on the matchup. Since you don't have any extra MU to play with it may also become necessary to drop a Sahasrara to accomodate another program you want to remain installed, which still works fine, you just take a small hit in terms of efficiency.

Run into ICE and flip free trashbreakers for profit, gamble for caches, spend tech writers, scum cash off of aesop or beth. You can end up swimming in credits fairly quick and your rig can tackle most things very effectively. Once you're fully built just slam into R&D and lock it until you accumulate a win.

7 Nov 2016 Robotron5673

Enjoyed the 40k references.