QumbleFork - First Place GvC 2016 (50 Players)

Charlesworth 73

This deck went 4-2 on the day which along with my corp was good enough for 1st place at the Gaming vs Cancer random ID tournament. For the tournament, we were all assigned random IDs months before and given time to practice/build a list.

My two losses on the day were to IG and Palana but both were fairly close and piloted by top tier players so no complaints really.

This deck is a fairly standard deck playing the good Anarch cards. The game plan is mostly to use your ICE destruction tools and Medium to exploit a leaky Rnd whilst maintaining the threat of hitting remotes because you have Faust/D4v1d/e3 which as a trio of cards gets you through nearly everything.

The deck is pretty powerful and really fun to play although, to be honest, I would probably recommend just swapping Quetzal for Whizz and finding a spot for Paperclip (probably Sports Hopper, Plascrete or Kati) as that is almost certainly a better deck.

A note on a few choices: 1 Sports Hopper and 1 Plascrete - This was a last minute swap as I figured Salsette Slums was probably not a good card in a random meta. The idea behind the Hopper is that not only is it damage protection but it also allows you to run more aggressively with Faust because it can give you fuel at short notice. Plascrete is just better at the damage protection. Playing one of both is wrong and I am not sure what the correct number is (it may be between 0-2 of these effects). I hedged for the tournament but I believe you can do it better :)

e3 - This card is an MVP (although I only drew it once sadly). It allows you to split the cost of your breaks amongst credit and cards(Faust)/counters(D4) meaning you can break stuff a lot more easily. It is also great with Quetzal's ability (not that anyone rezzes Barriers against you anyway).

2 Rumour Mill and 1 Film Critic - I played 0 psi games this tournament despite 4 rounds of Jinteki although I did lose two of those games. I am bad a psi games so this helped a lot :)

Overall I was super happy with the deck (well, I did pretty well after all) and was super happy I got Quetzal as she was the runner that got me into Netrunner many years ago.

Sorry there are no memes, let me know what you think of the deck :)

14 Nov 2016 lunchmoney

Another well done for not having any memes in your write up.