CI7 (yes, this works)

Circadia 2781

Requisite cards in hand: 3 Jackson Howard, 1 Efficiency Committee, 1 Project Wotan, 2 Accelerated Diagnostics, 1 Power Shutdown, 1 Shipment from Mirrormorph. 16 credits.

Play Mirrormorph -> Jacksons ( ** 15 credits)

Play Power Shutdown ( * 14 credits)

[Jackson shuffle -> Biotic, Archived Memories, Mirrormorph]

Play AD -> AM for Diagnostics, Mirrormorph -> 3 agendas ( ** 8 credits)

[Jackson shuffle -> Kaguya, Kaguya, Biotic]

Play AD -> Kaguyas on EffCom and Wotan ( *** 3 credit)

Advance EffCom twice and score. ( * 1 credit)

Take a click from EffCom. ( ** 1 credit)

[Jackson shuffle -> Kaguya, Kaguya, AM ]

Play AD -> Kaguyas on ABT and Wotan, AM for Kaguya ( * 0 credit)

Play Kaguya on ABT and Wotan. Score for win.

If you have all 3 AD in hand you can do this with 5 installables, replacing the AM with interns.

If you have both Kaguyas in hand you can make pile 2 into 2 biotics and an Interns to get the last Jackson or agenda.

@echo points out that you don't even need the EffCom, just replace it with another ABT. This saves you a credit because instead of advancing the EffCom to 4, you save the click until after the third pile to play the last Kaguya.

There's probably other substitutions but my brain is fried just working this out so I'll leave it there.

18 Nov 2016 Quarg

Unfortunately, Efficiency Committee's extra two clicks are basically impossible to use without the classic Reclamation Order for Kaguyas, unless you keep the Kaguyas in hand until the end, and click to advance until then. (which unsurprisingly is simply wasting resources.)

However, since you don't have access to an extra set of 3/2s in Onesies, Efficiency Commitee is still useful as a Psudo-3/2, so that's a thing.

20 Nov 2016 hutch9514

I think important to point out that you need the shipments and at least one biotic not in hand. Just pointing it out for the description. Looks awesome though!

18 Jan 2017 sherko7

Surprisingly consistent. Goes without saying that there are a lot more ways to achieve the combo than whats detailed above.

Swapped 1 Wall of Static for 1 Ice Wall just to use up the spare influence.