Lakshmi Spice Factory

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1- Overview of the deck.

1.a - Gif to make the post shine like a diamond.

1.b - Actual overview of the deck.

2- Lines of scoring you should know.

3- What are the fluff I can cut or change?

4- What hate cards hurt this deck? What tech cards might I consider?

5- You took this to a store champ. Tell us about it.


I am an idiot. I refuse to just play normal decks. But this store champ season, I fell off my rocking chair into the deep end of the pool... filled with garbage and bad ideas.

First bad idea that came to mind. Lakshmi Smartfabrics. I tried a asset-spammy ETF with this as its score line... but it was missing something. It was missing hand size...

Well. Wait. Hand size? Combo? I don't need to make a remote? I know just the thing!

CI. Of course! Stupid combos and CI? How could I have been so blind? So I put it together... tried it in its first test game...

a gif

It actually worked. 5 test games. 4 wins and a game my opponent stole 3 agendas on 6 accesses.

What does the deck do? Alright alright...

You build up pieces. You Mushin no Shin an agenda, you Shipment from Mirrormorph 3 assets or upgrades (one must be Lakshmi, another must be Advanced Assembly Line if you wanna score Vanity Project without needing a Biotic to install the 4th thing). You rez Lakshmi, it gets a counter (yes it triggers itself, check the ANCUR), then rez the others for 3 counters... or pop AAL and rez a fourth for 4 counters.

Then you giggle. There's hate cards vs this. But they aren't hate vs any other CI. Theres the usual CI stuff to deal with (Siphon, Vamp, E-Strike). But it is a funny deck... and it wins more than you think.

And you finally get to de-binder Lakshmi Smartfabrics!

Lines of Scoring (Cards will be abbreviated).

Mushin a GFI > SFMM (Lakshmi, 2 other things). Rez Lakshmi then the others. Show a GFI at start of your opponents turn.

Mushin Vanity > SFMM (Lakshmi, AAL, 1 thing). Rez Laksmi, then the others. Pop AAL for another thing and rez. Show Vanity at start of opponents turn.

Biotic > Fast Track the 2nd copy of an agenda you wanna score > see above combos.

(with rezzed Jeeves on board) Biotic > Mushin GFI (gain jeeves click)> Mushin Vanity > SFMM (Lakshmi, Lakshmi, AAL) > Rez Lakshmi #1 > Rez Lakshmi #2 > Rez AAL and pop (install anything. ideally sealed vault to not get vamped/siphoned out of scoring). Rez the installed thing. Show Vanity and GFI at start of runner turn. Your next turn (assuming they killed jeeves). Biotic > Biotic > Advance the things 5 times.

You can get creative. If you get a Shipment Kaguya or Sansan in here, then Jeeves gives you more tricks. If you run Team Sponsorship and have a Director Haas in your hand or heap, you get more tricks. If you add a Domestic Sleepers, you can go for a score on just 2x GFI to get to six, then win with Sleepers.

You can always add Biotics and Archived Memories to make combos work with less pieces.

What is the fluff or changable stuff?

Ice: I ran 7 at the store champ. It got real shaky, but you can. I think 8 is the good number. Your basic score plan is VERY cheap, so run Fairchild 3 imo. You can go for other ice. Turing is nice, as is a Quandry. Keep everything ETR capable though. You want the highest chance you can to stuff a Siphon.

Clone Sufferage: Add it to your score line. If they don't kill that run, then you get your Mushin back or a Biotic. You gotta rez something anyway for counters. This is a good one.

Jeeves: Jeeves will bail you out of bad spots, but he is non-essential to the basic "I will score twice plan".

Sealed And Crisium: Siphon stuffed me really hard. I recommend running at least one. I would run both, but you know your meta.

ELP: Technically fluff. But you don't wanna get hit with E-Strike, and ELP makes FC3 unclickable.

Fast Track: You cannnnnn cut this, but holy shit don't. When you have the entire combo, but not the 2nd copy of an agenda, you will be so mad you cut this. I recommend 2 actually, but 1 is fine and the deck slots stabilize the deck more to run only 1.

Subliminal: Part Jeeves fodder, but also good tech vs hard Vamp or Siphon. Late game just hold the Subliminal. If you go to combo out a GFI, and get vamped to full zero, Subliminal > Cred > Advance x 2 to score it.

Hate Cards and Potential Answers:

Film Critic. Super silver bullet status. Snatch and Grab to stop it.

Imp. Also a good bullet, albeit less good (if its in the heap, you can Jackson it away and try again later). Run CVS to stop this.

Apocolypse. That would suck. So hard. Might be game ending. Keep the Crisium and Archived for Crisium on a central ad nausem if you smell Apoc coming. ELP is good vs that also.

Siphon. Welp. Crisium and Sealed Vault are good calls. Reuse is a great eject button option too. Also Ark Lockdown is a choice. You can also punish the Siphon with Best Defense on a breaker. You can tank SOME siphons. Not all.

Vamp. See Siphon. The tech works even better, but if you get Vamped you are fucked to no end. Reuse is the only thing thatll save you if you get vamped successfuly.

Medium dig. Fast track agendas into HQ and force them to play a single access game instead. Be prepared to use less combo and more Biotics to score out as the Medium kills all your assets if they can afford to. CVS can help too.

Clot. People instinctively think Clot vs this. Clot literally does nothing to this deck. At all.

Employee Strike. Run more currents (I suggest ELP), or add a 1x Domestic Sleepers (Sleepers lets you win off double GFI score, so you don't need to combo a Vanity out).

Data Leak Reversal. You can run All Seeing I, or just kill the resources over time. You can use Best Defense before they go tagged to kill a DLR ahead of time and slow them down.

How did the store champ go?

Game 1: Opponent found 2x GFI and a Vanity off RD with RD Interfaces before I got set up. I had 2x Fairchild 3.0 on the server and he was about to run out of steam to check it over and over. He got 6 points on the final run.

Game 2: I saw him draw Film Critic (He was on Adam, so FTT showed me). I abandoned the combo entirely and just won purely off Biotics.

Game 3: He got a early 6 points, and all 3 siphons in hand early. I comboed out 1 vanity, so i had another in hand. He had enough siphons to stuff my combo on a GFI to win, but he also pulled the Vanity on like 1 of 10 access.

Game 4: Got the full combo off. Dodged enough Siphons (not all, but enough) and managed to recur my Crisium plenty of times.) Scored twice (not the 1 turn super win).

Game 5: Flooded hard early. Shrug, happens. He won a couple turns in with a DDoS Medium run to get all 8 points needed in 1 swoop.

Overall 2-3 on the day, but the losses all showed me a ton of my SIX agendas early. Variance monster, but I'm running Vanity Project. I knew it could happen. Just very unlikely to happen as much as it did.

Its not the best deck ever, but its fun. Its different. It uses Lakshmi Smartfabrics. Just try it and enjoy the fun. <3

22 Nov 2016 BizTheDad

I couldn't stop laughing reading this combo. Well done, sir. I can't wait to sleeve it up and try it.

22 Nov 2016 BizTheDad

One question: why Bastion?

22 Nov 2016 saetzero


Bastion taxes Paperclip enough to matter, unlike vanilla. And it is a hard ETR to give you some safety early. You make decent money with the list, and need very little of it for the basic score lines, so I beefed the ice up a bit. The ice is very changable though.

6 Dec 2016 matthopkins

This list is brilliant, and surprisingly resilient given it just looks like a bit of fun at first glance. Any changes you'd make given the current meta? I've cut 1 biotic for another ELP because Employee Strike hurts this more than other CI builds - you can't just biotic out a 3/2 to clear it.

The En Passant Sipon Val lists are a problem (but that goes for most corp decks). Not sure what to do about them...

And finally, are there any upcoming cards (except for Violet Level Clearance, obviously), that you'd consider including?

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@matthopkins I havent played it since the Store Champ really. I think a 2nd current is a good call, and maybe the Ice could use some work. But really I like where its at. VLC might be a good call but hard to say. Trashable is rough. I honestly dont know where the wiggle room is but im not testing it anymore to find out. My plan this Store champ is a new pair of decks that are unusual or silly every store champ I attend. Then move on to the next one XD