Blue 45 (1st @ Wrocław Hedge Fund Run)

Matuszczak 1968

My response to the recent runner dominance.

Plan A is to land a Midseason and kill the runner (same turn in a prefect world, but 80% of the time you will have to spread it over 2 turns).

Plan B is to rush to 7. An overscored Atlas is a priority as it gives you access to all your threats (kill cards, next agendas to score, Hostile Takeover's you can fast advance).

Plans A and B synergize: most runners won't be able to steal your agendas and get away with it without tags. If they are, you probably lost already, try whatever desperate measures seem most promising at this point.

Yes, this deck has 45 cards. Yes, I think that's right. You need your agendas ICE and economy as soon as possible. It's extremely rushy. Don't bother protecting your centrals against small accesses. You only really care about big threats like Siphon, Vamp, Medium or Keyhole. Don't even bother protecting your remote if you can tag them for running it. The agenda density is high, but you should be able to force the runner into an impossible choice before you bleed enough to lose.



28 Nov 2016 asertus

Have you considered adding Snatch and Grab to get rid of Film Critic?

28 Nov 2016 apo

How about BLC for Sweeps? Wouldn't that feel even 'rushier'?

28 Nov 2016 apo

Also doesn't Archer seem out of place at a glance? How about playing either 3rd Orion or a one more cheap gear check in this slot? It would synergize with the main "thing" the deck tries to accomplish.

28 Nov 2016 prozz

weyland without archer aint great man!

28 Nov 2016 Phoenix

Also 3 x Orion would be fairly pointless given that they are unique. If anything I'd like -1 Enigma, +1 Mother Goddess given its strength in helping to rush.

Did you not find the early game difficult, given you have 5 ice with a rez cost of 14+ and Archer. That's a lot of late game ice.

Really like the deck idea though, including the decision to go to 45 cards.

28 Nov 2016 apo

@PhoenixOrion is econ for Mids, not "late game ice".

28 Nov 2016 Matuszczak

@asertus I generally believe that this card belongs in the binder ;) Even though Film Critic is your worst nightmare, hoping to Midseason after having sniped FC with S&G beforehand just seems like wishful thinking. I think you can save way more FC games by just rushing out.

@apo I think Sweeps is better here for 3 main reasons. Firstly, it's extremely valuable vs Obelus and Andy. Secondly, it gets you up from 0 after a costly Midseason quickly. Thirdly, you don't draw all that much. You just score what you happen to have in hand. BLC being a double might make it additionally awkward. I'll probably play a game or two with BLC just to see if I'm right on this one.

Archer is actually really good, I'd dather play 2 than 0. You generally won't be scoring Hostile + 2x GFI anyway so the point isn't worth that much. In exchange you get a painful sentry gearcheck that costs more to break than it costs to rez, which is great news for Midseasons. Also, once you land the tags, you need a way to buy yourself enough time to deal with whatever is stopping you from killing them, Archer is your best ICE for doing that.

@Phoenix Orion being unique isn't really a big a problem, even if I had 3. , It's most imporant function is maing sure you find an OAI target early. 4 were too few for me, 5 are alright, never tested 6 to be honest.

There is no late game. If it ever gets to that, you will almost inevitably lose. You usually have 0-2 pieces of ICE rezzed at one time so you can usually afford even the expenxive stuff. Your primary defense is Midseason, not ICE. If the runner runs and you can land the tags if he steals something, let him. I often justscore agendas unprotected remotes if I'm ahead on econ. Use the ICE to defend against threats like Siphons, Medium or Temujin (even though you rarely have enough ICE to defend against Temujin -> Archives x3).

I really love the Mother Goddess idea: will definitely test this one. Spiderweb is probably my #1 cut candidate.

30 Nov 2016 Simone Suka

Wow... You want to rush but you use, 13 ices..