johno 585

The rules were simple: "Bin and In"

To be more precise:
* All influence-free bins go in, 3x, no question
* Influence may only be spent on bins

So that builds most of the deck already. Of the 83 cards in this deck, there are 12 that are not trash effects:
* Tech Trader, because I'm not insane
* Hostage, which are Traders 4-6 for the purpose of mulligan
* Special Order, for finding the breakers in this mess
* Three actual breakers, since all the other breakers are 1-use. I couldn't spend influence, so they're Saker, Peregrine, and "secret fourth bird" Mongoose.

The influence was tough to spend:
* Clone Chip is amazing when most of your breakers are 1-use and I was very close to 3x, but I dropped to 2x quite late. I could go back to be honest.
* Sec Chip: The cloud breakers have limited strength, so an emergency boost was very useful
* Feedback Filter: OK, 1x in an 83-card deck isn't great, granted, but I was going to a "jank" tourney and expected some people trying to kill me. This was one of the better "legal" options for me.
* SacCon: By the late game, you'll need to lean on the birds quite heavily, so Batty could be a real problem. This was a weaker, lower-influence, third Clone Chip. To state the obvious, you can't use this to prevent trash abilities and still get the effect (e.g. pop Spy Camera, use this, and still see R&D).
* Peddler: 3x because it's amazing.
* Utopia Shard: Again, this was for a tournament that promoted combos, so I thought being able to kill some cards from hand would prove useful.

There are many dead cards, including Citadel Sanctuary, Crash Space and Decoy (depending on Corp game plan). Sorry about that, the rules are the rules.

You should mulligan for Tech Trader or Hostage and try to get one online ASAP. Same Old Thing -> Hostage -> Tech Trader is totally legit.

Don't be afraid to click to draw a lot early. You have to get uphill and then the deck starts rolling. Counter-intuitively, start making runs when you're only kind of ready, because it's runs that will do most of your setup (draw and money).

The closest you're getting to multi-access is Spy Cameras and Utopia Shard. Good luck!

4 Dec 2016 emilyspine

Great theme Johno, nicely executed.

Also Muertos Gang Member is OP and should be limit one per deck!