Architect's Offer #1

beyoken 6044

10 Dec 2016 moistloaf

2 cvs? That's mean

11 Dec 2016 apo

@beyoken Totally gonna try this :). Ben, what do you think about -1 Best Defense -1 CVS +1 Ark Lockdown +1 Archived Memories?

22 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@beyoken Been waiting to try this list out! I'll be trying out different builds tonight on jnet! Also thanks for the amazing content on youtube

4 Mar 2017 Gibbs

@beyoken how do you think friends fits into this deck? what would you cut to include it?

4 Mar 2017 beyoken

@GibbsSure, Friends could be good! I'd remove the tech cards - Best Defense and ELP.

4 Mar 2017 Gibbs

@beyoken thanks for the reply. Dig the YouTube channel. I thought best defense may be good against dlr decks, so dropped the ELP and a breaker bay. I took your advice and started net decking :-D