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Ephin_Antz 32

I have only played 2 games so far, just learning, but have a background of years of magic the gathering. I have yet to play this deck, my friend is going to assemble out of his cards for me to try it while waiting for mine I have ordered.

8 Dec 2016 Ephin_Antz

Please tell me what you think. I love the card advantage from this identity.

8 Dec 2016 zengoshugoju

I'm a little wary about the lack of economy boosters, otherwise an interesting deck.

8 Dec 2016 Ephin_Antz

i modified slightly. hopefully the right way. Added more economy anyway.

8 Dec 2016 willsta

@Ephin_Antz Be wary of card advantage when playing netrunner, because for the most part it doesn't exist due to the existence of the click to draw a card action and the fact that it is rare for cards to leave the table runner side.

This is not to say that card draw isn't good. Netrunner is more about action compression than anything so anything sufficiently more efficient than "click to draw" or "click for credit" has the potential to be good (diesel is a great example)

Also analog dreamers is garbage (just straight up replace it)

8 Dec 2016 Sanjay

Diesel is a good card to mention.

Inject and Lawyer Up both have decent utility, though it is surprising to see you paying influence for them when you can pay one less blue mana for Ancestral Recall.

8 Dec 2016 Raiddinn

I don't think it's true to say that there is no card advantage in netrunner because you can just click to draw. If the runner is able to set up some situation where they draw a free card every turn for no clicks, now they have a series of 5 click turns instead of 4 click turns. That's a huge advantage.

You have to be careful with how much you pay for it, because tempo does matter, but just plain having more cards is a rather large advantage. Some of those will be stuff like Sure Gamble which also prevents you from having to click for credits, another huge advantage.

I think this deck needs a whole lot more money, but I don't think the OP is wrong to try to do what they are doing. The difference is mostly one of focus more than anything else.

Coming from a background of MTG (like myself), I am surprised that everything is not 3x (most of my decklists are like that), but I think the OP just isn't really up to speed on how Dark Ritual based Netrunner is.

OP, if you cut out a lot of fancy stuff and make about 20 of your 45 cards Dark Ritual equivalents, you will probably do a lot better over the board.

I am by no means a master at this game or anything, but if I were going to suggest how to improve the deck, I would say try to focus more on the basics of a good deck. You need breakers that allow you to get in consistently and cheaply, cards that let you access multiple cards for every successful access, cards that act like lands giving you a long term advantage starting the turn they come out, and a whole bunch of Dark Ritual style cards that allow you to get an early game rush of "Mana".

Netrunner plays quite a lot like Sligh, so you do want to try to limit your casting costs as much as possible. The big slow cards like Toolbox, while powerful, are often too slow kinda like 9CC sorceries in MTG are. A lot of times the game will be over before they see play or even if you blow all your Dark Rituals to get them out you set yourself back so far on other stuff that it's still too slow.

Some cards I would seriously consider...

Zu.13 Keymaster, Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, the other copies of Modded, Diesel, Self Modifying Code, R&D Interface, and Paperclip and/or similar breakers that say "Play without a click from the graveyard if you encounter a matching ICE".

9 Dec 2016 Ephin_Antz

Thank-you everyone for the comments and tips. I will look at it soon. Im going to stick with the card advantage for sure as without that, then I might as well scrap deck and pick new identity, as its the main focus for the deck. but yeah i was quite unfocused other than that as I dont know how the cards will work past the theory, which is why i have 1x for most cards this is a prototype for sure, it will see its first play on Sunday, but I want to run some variant of it on Dec. 20th when we have a local tournament.4

9 Dec 2016 whirrun

I definitely like a lot of the cards you're choosing (though not neccessarily all together!). Absolutely the best thing to do is to play the deck and figure out which combinations work and are fun.

If you want a pro tip, money is stronk. You could have a look at Cache cycling in Exile, although it's pretty engine intensive.

10 Dec 2016 Ephin_Antz

One thing i forgot to mention the friend Im borrowing cards from only has up to and including mumbad cycle. I will have even less than that in the beginning, so i wont be able to make most of the changes suggested, Ill play this deck as is on Sunday and update after as I believe my friend is building it based on these specs anyway.