Friends in Space (4th at Bay Area SC, 1st After Swiss)

Joseki 2470

After the new pack came out I wanted to revisit Gagarin Museum decks. Kyle James had been testing it leading up to worlds, but it overall wasn't performing too hot. With Friends in High Places and Preemptive Action being out, I figured it was worth a shot.

Turns out its a pretty sweet deck. All the same stuff about asset spam decks applies here - Great against shaper and crim, variable anarch matchup depending on hate cards.

Undefeated in the Swiss, lost one game in the cut with it.

12 Dec 2016 Dapperatchik

This deck looks awesome. A bunch of random questions from a relatively inexperienced Gagarin player:

I feel like having Bankers / Paywall / Diversified as your only money might hurt you a bit. Could you maybe find space for PAD Campaign?

How was Mausolus? How much was the fact that it doesn't ETR a problem?

Is Clone Suffrage so much better than Sensie to make up for the fact that it's awkward early?

How flexible are the following slots?

Sandburg 2nd construction co 2nd preemptive

I really like DBS. How crucial was, say, the 3rd Friends?

13 Dec 2016 Joseki

The deck is pretty reliant on the cards you mentioned for money, but keep in mind Mumba Temple rezzes all of your assets/ice easily, so really all you need money for is operations like HHN. I found that if they are really going hard to trash your assets, they will be pretty broke, and thus HHN is still very strong there. If they ignore your assets, you make practically infinite money, and can leverage that in a number of ways. Personally didn't miss PAD on the day, but can see the argument for it.

Mausolus was good, it serves the purposes it was meant for: An ice the runner can't easily run through/ignore and expensive to break. It also makes them install their Code Gate breakers, which previous gagarin decks couldn't do.

Clone Suffrage recurring operations is definitely good in the mid to late game (once diversified is in the bin, you can make SO much money with it) but I agree sensei is better early.

Both Sensei and CSM are flex influence, so I'd suggest playing around. I was toying with Reversed Accounts/Dedication Ceremoney, or playing Rework/Suffrage to filter Adgendas out of HQ with recursion. Be creative, lots of cool stuff you can do. Might even want a Closed accounts or something. Hostile Infrastructure and Encryption Protocol strike me as interesting includes.

Sandburg is fairly critical I think. I won a game by making loads of money, and Iceing my Sandburg, which basically locked the runner out of every server. Additionally, if you need the runner to make a run (which, if you're trying to HHN, you need them to) they gotta go get the sandburg before anything else, which is nice leverage/tax.

Second construction Co. is pretty critical to applying scoring pressure early in the match. Its annoying to trash since its not immediately threatening, but will win you the game eventually. I iced my construction co twice on the day, just to secure my backup win con. If they do go over it, it opens them up to HHN and whatnot.

Friends and Preemptive are both for the Whizzard matchup more than anything. I did not play against Whizzard, but, if you expect to, I would not cut these cards. I also really like DBS, you maybe can cut the Sensei/CSM to fit those in.

Hope that helps!


16 Dec 2016 cranked

What do you think about finding room for Executive Boot Camp and/or the 3rd Museum of History?

10 Jan 2017 tzeentchling

Is the Executive Search Firm mostly there to find Mills? And maybe Jackson in a pinch?