ManBunBatty 52

This is a deck I've been working on for a few weeks, and I think it's in a solid place at the moment. Note: this isn't competitive; this is purely for fun... well, at least your amusement.

Welcome to PE22 - that's 22 Agendas in a 49 card deck. Yes, you will be agenda flooded, and that's acceptable, even great! Generally you aren't aiming to score out, though it has happened a handful of times. You are going for that kill.

The key is Philotic Entanglement and 24/7 News Cycle. You need to score Philotic, even if it's early in the game. You can re-fire it later with 24/7 once the runner has scored enough agendas that it will flatline. If you lose Philotic, the kill becomes harder to land. And there's an Archived Memories just in case 24/7 ends up in Archives.

Otherwise, the deck plays like any shell game. Draw cards, play them all face down, don't ever advance anything unless you mean to score it. Sometimes it's for effect, sometimes just to get the runner moving if they're ignoring your remotes. But keep installing cards (more than the runner can check), applying pressure by scoring for effects, and staying in the 8-12 credit range for firing multiple traps each turn.

There is almost no ICE in this deck, which makes it more fun. Almost every card that can be installed can do damage. Crick can be helpful to recur Crisium Grid. DNA Tracker is a pain to break, and will often fire once and shut down access to a server for a while.

  • Chronos Project - Useful against any recursion, especially Maxx.
  • Clone Retirement/Project Kusanagi - Great to clear currents.
  • False Lead - Stop the runner from drawing back up.
  • Gila Hands Arcology - We don't need too much money, but this is helpful.
  • Psychic Field/Shock!/Snare!/Prisec - Fairly standard traps suite.
  • Beanstalk Royalties/Crisium Grid - Anti-Siphon tech.
  • Diversified Portfolio - Generally better than Hedge Fund in this deck.
  • Stock Buy-Back - Wait to play these until the runner has 3+ agendas for some big bucks.
  • Consulting Visit/The Future is Now - Grab 24/7/Memories/money/whatever you need, when you need it.

It goes without saying, but you don't want to see Feedback Filter, Film Critic, or Employee Strike. These aren't immediately game over, but they make your job harder. Especially FF - you aren't running many "must trash" assets; in fact you'll find yourself installing over traps, so the runner will be rich enough to stop all your damage using FF. And it would be hard to swap in Shattered Remains given this is a never-advance deck.