Good stuff Geist

codychilton13 36

Just an alteration of a list a friend in my locals took to top 4 in a store champ a few weeks back. Every suggestion is welcome, try it for yourself if you'd like!

22 Dec 2016 jpthegreat

What about adding some conspiracy breakers?

22 Dec 2016 78thomas

This is basicly the Siege Engine Geist deck that you can find on this site. Some minor alterations, the biggest one being the inclusion of account siphon. Check out the discussion on that deck and see what you think!

25 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@jpthegreat This deck doesn't really need the conspiracy breakers vs the others I'm using BUT it's an awesome combo with street peddler! If I need a card with peddler but I trash a conspiracy breaker, I can get it back later. @78thomas I'll have to check it out! I wasn't sold on account siphon for a few reasons so I'll have to see what everyone says about the seine engine deck! Thanks guys!