Restartt 217

A deck that everyone says shouldn't work, and then are surprised when it does.

The basics are delay your opponent while you set up, get an insane setup, and then score one or two agendas from their deck and a ton of points from your own.

Use the insane card draw (beth, dueces, diesel, earthrise) combined with a small decksize to set up as fast as possible. Get an early magnum and some fan sites.

With clot and fan sites and a magnum with self modifying/clone chip, you often slow down the runner just by your board state. Sniping that first agenda is big, but even if you dont, scoring a fan site is awesome.

Keep pressure on. check and trash assets, dont let them sneak something out, you have magnum. The slower the corp goes the more this tilts in your favor.

Try and use cheela as soon as possible when the corp doesn't have a lot to sack, but dont sacrifice tempo, sometimes its better to use magnum to make sure you have a threat up and wait to cheela.

With Beth and temple, you can have a 5 click turn on demand and a 6 click turn if they have enough credits. This means when you're set up you can always score 2 notorieties in one turn, and sometimes all 3 in one turn.

You do let the corp set up, so caprice hurts, as does data raven/multiple keegans (although clone chip helps there) The one rumor mill doesn't seem like a lot, but it IS a small deck with a lot of draw and delay, so you should have it the turn you really need it.

your deck has 7 points in it AS THE RUNNER. This normally means you can win even if you only score 2 points from the corps, or at minimum 4 points from the corp and three notoriety.