Null Oracle

clockworkmonk 83

So I've been screwing around with this deck, and it is proving pretty effective. the conspiracy breakers are fun if you disregard nearly all other programs, and Oracle May is still pretty cool.

3 Jan 2017 DrMarodi

Love the idea! I would consider however 3 copies of Hostage so you can find the oracle more efficiently.

3 Jan 2017 Pinkwarrior

@clockworkmonk Love the Idea but i think a couple of Datasucker's are in order your ID will help but only take you so far. I actually think the Frantic Coding's can be dropped. And some other draw as usually with a may build you need the draw to help draw through cards like your Breakers and other Resources to get.

4 Jan 2017 Skeletons

I really like the synergy between Oracle May and the heap breakers. This looks lots of fun!

4 Jan 2017 clockworkmonk

@Pinkwarrior and @DrMarodi, Frantic Coding solves the Oracle May and draw problem, when combined with Déjà Vu and possibly Same Old Thing, and including Datasucker would take up memory that I don't have. The conspiracy breakers with keyhole make the corp play super defensively on RnD, leaving everywhere else a little weaker, which is the goal of the play. plus, keyhole may land some easy agendas.

4 Jan 2017 DrMarodi

Frantic Coding is one way to go but I like Making an Entrance more here. Works smoothly with Oracle May.

4 Jan 2017 zunbid

I've been playing with the same concept for a while and it's great to see more people like it. I do use Making an Entrance and Datasucker.

5 Jan 2017 Phoenix

So 1 of each ice type on R&D completely nullifies your direct R&D pressure right? Given your rig can't support Keyhole plus 1x each breaker?

5 Jan 2017 clockworkmonk

@Phoenixwell, I can trash a breaker and replace it with the right type. It does get expensive, but this deck isn't exactly poor. Or, depending on the ice, eat the subs.