Smoke is quite good, isn't she?- Winner of Oxford's thing.

Brightsides 115

Aaaaaaaaaaand as a follow up to my Argus deck, here's the Smoke deck I also took to Oxford.

Smoke performed beautifully today, losing only 1 game (again, to Noah) which she might have won had we not run out of time (Guy had us on 50 minute rounds for the first round).

R&D lock is the man win condition as you can imagine, however the Cold Reads and Salsette/Scrubber let her keep up very well against asset spam, with Clone chips to support against the Batty rigshooters, and recur your SMC if needed.

Cut down to two SMC, as I found in testing that with Smoke you end up drawing your breakers far more than you need to tutor for them. Freedom can be ditched methinks, and once everyone moves away from NEXT silver, no problems swapping BlackKat for a clot and using BlackStone instead.

The single most important thing to remember with this deck is to plan your turns. This means you can use the draw mechanism of Net Mercur by "wasting" a recurring stealth credit during a run for another purpose. Very good to throw off an opponent's maths.

But hey, I'm not here to tell you how to suck eggs, I'm just very happy with my result, and would like to thank @Cliquil for running an awesome event.

Thank you,