Surfin for the Lagnasnga (2nd Place KayJay's Store Champs)

lasngngna 41


So Sifr is cool! Very much the enabler to my "haha that's weird" deckbuilding habits.

Took second at Kay Jay's store champs along with PSIper as my corp deck.

Gameplan generally revolves around getting Sifr out early and pressuring hard with atman and parasite. If you're playing against Weyland rush out a mopus and click hard. To get the lasgnets you must be rich and patient (don't be like me and run all over the place without credits in finals). Against everything else go hard because you gotta have a good meal. Dump out surfer + paintbrush later on when the corp starts thinking they can lock you out of places. You'll want to be running in a very singular fashion so pick and chose your moments with legwork and maker's eye.

Good luck finding those tasty agendas! <3

22 Jan 2017 Dr.Evil

this writeup wasnt as funny as the other ones. you lost a fan.